101 Things I Loved About Toastmasters District Convention 2014

Happy Monday! How are you? :)


I just came from a four-day cnvention held at Holiday Inn, Clark, Pampanga. For the past four days, I was in the company of about 350 Toastmasters from all over the Philippines. It was a very fun and rewarding experience :)

There are so many things I loved about the Toastmasters District Convention 2014. Okay, I’m not really listing down 101 things.


One, 44 champion speakers from all parts of the Philippines competed against each other in the four different Speech Contests Categories — Humorous, Evaluation, Table Topics (or Impromptu), and International Prepared Speech.


It’s a treat to witness all these great speakers during the entire convention.


Two,the top officers of Toastmasters Philippines all convened in one place as they shared tips on how to become a better communicator and leader.


Three, great speakers outside the toastmasters community were also invited to speak on different topics. Mr. Tony Meloto, a mentor I look up to, spoke about his vision to end poverty for five million Filipinos by 2024. I love listening to Tito Tony Meloto. He’s such an inspiring Filipino.



The Moments that Warmed My Heart
I guess the best parts of being in the Toastmasters District Convention are those moments when you felt loved and accepted, when you had so much fun,  and when you gave love in the spirit of service.


Let me mention a few:


Epic Walk. I loved my friends Trixie, Gabby, and Deegee’s epic 2-kilometer walk from Holiday Inn Hotel all the way to Jollibee at 2:00am for midnight snacks.


Deegee was the overall stage director during the entire convention! Such a challenging task which he excellently carried out. As such, he was not really able to have decent lunch, snacks, and dinner because he was busy all throughout. At about 1:30am, hunger haunted him. He asked us to accompany him to Jollibee. We said Yes because we love Deegee! 😛



Dancing.  I’m not a dancer and I would feel awkward when I dance.


For some weird reasons, I’ve always felt so free and happy to dance the night away when I’m with my toastmasters friends. Maybe because I would see my toastmasters friends Tita Cora,  Tita Remy S., and Tita Remy K dance like they’re in their 20’s or 30’s. Or maybe because I see how enthusiastic, happy and carefree Trixie and Jane dance.


We were dancing to the tune of “Just Give Me a Reason,” “Celebrate” and many other secular songs but I felt I was dancing for God the entire time. I kept whispering… “God, this is for You! I’m dancing for You!” And I danced as if no one was watching, as if I knew how to dance. 😛


Dancing the night away :) Photo courtesy of Deegee de Guzman
Dancing the night away :)
Photo courtesy of Deegee de Guzman

As with all the past toastmasters conventions we’ve attended, my Presidents Toastmasters friends and I were always the last ones to leave the dance floor. Dancing is so much fun when you dance with friends who accept you as you are.


After-Party Conversations. I will always cherish the after-party conversations and mind games we had after the Fellowship Night. I was with toastmasters Ed, Gabby, Duanne, Vince, Trixie, Jane, Deegee, Maricen, Alquin, Pia, DG JJ, and many more! We played Around the World, Black Magic, Let’s Party, Open-Close, etc. till past 1am. (The gentlemen paid a big chunk of the bill. Thank you!)


Early Sunday Mass. Despite getting only a few hours of sleep, it’s so good to share a meal (The Lord’s Body) with toastmasters who took effort to wake up so early in the morning to hear mass.

Seeing God's beauty through His creations. I love nature!  :)
Our first stop after our Sunday Mass. Seeing God’s beauty through His creations. I love nature! :)


I loved it when Trixie said the night before, “Sha, mass tayo ng 7am bukas.”



Documenting My Friend’s Singing Performance. A lot of people know Trixie Barretto Esguerra as an entrepreneur and a brilliant host.


I guess not everyone knows yet that she’s also a singer by passion (only)! It’s such an honor to document her singing performance as she gamely sang  “Alone” inside the elevator even if there were other people around… I love my friend’s pride and confidence! 😛


Lights Off, Lights On. My friend Deegee was the overall stage director during the entire convention. As his friend, I was part of his team and I was assigned some minor tasks. Though one of my tasks was as simple as “queue-ing the technical guys to turn off and turn on the lights, I took it to heart. Haha!


Short Conversation with Mr. Tony Meloto. After Tito Tony Meloto’s speech, we bumped into each other (more of, I was seated near the stairs where he would pass by). I greeted him and thanked him for his inspiring speech.


Sha: Tito Tony, thanks so much for your inspiring speech. I’m one with you in your vision to end poverty by 2024. This book Money & Me  is my own little way to spread financial education and contribute towards the realization of that vision.


Tony Meloto: Thank you, Sha.


Sha: Tito Tony, may I take a picture with you, with my book?


Tony Meloto: Of course, Sha.


And he gamely posed for the camera.


Sha Nacino with mentor Mr. Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga
Sha Nacino with mentor Mr. Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga

What made this conversation really special were the facts that he still remembered my name and that he took time to listen to what I had to say… And yes, despite his busy schedule, he also took time to read my book Money & Me and write his endorsement for it. Thank you, Tito Tony! :)


Mr. Tony Meloto, who prefers people to call him  “Tito Tony” instead of Sir Tony, is such a humble and inspiring man. He has a sharp memory, too. He remembers names.


Speeches that Made Me Cry. I loved all the speeches delivered by all 44 contestants. I was inspired by the speeches of the International Prepared Speech Contestants and I truly commend everyone for speeches well crafted and delivered.


There were two speeches that deeply touched my heart and made me cry. As I am writing this part, I could still feel the emotions of the speakers… and yes I’m crying, too.


Toastmaster Mike Del Rosario, owner of a 100-room hotel, four restaurants, and many other businesses in Baguio City shared that one day, his father asked him to have lunch with him. He declined because he was busy with his businesses. That same night, his father passed away…


He shared other instances when he missed the recital of his daughter, when his young son cried because he was the only boy in their class activity whose father was absent, and so on because he was too busy earning more cash…


Towards the end of his speech, he shared that his success is not defined by the amount of cash he has but by the amount of time he spends with his family.


Champion - Mark Anthony Elardo 1st Runner Up - Michael del Rosario  2nd Runner Up - Orly Tugob Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabonan
Champion – Mark Anthony Elardo
1st Runner Up – Michael del Rosario
2nd Runner Up – Orly Tugob
Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabonan

Toastmaster Kenn Arcenal shared about having the courage to stand and speak up.. and this is not just about public speaking.


He shared how he witnessed a battered wife silently accepting the beatings from her husband… for years! One day, a young boy finally stood up and with a shaking voice, he said, “Father, stop!”


That was enough to inspire the wife to stand up against the beating. That wife was Kenn’s mother and Kenn was that little boy.


I broke into tears while Kenn was speaking. I felt his emotions. I felt his pains. Like a pro speaker, good thing Kenn cracked a joke that made me and the rest of the audience laugh. Otherwise, the hotel ballroom would have been flooded with tears.


Speeches that Made Me Laugh Out Sooooo Hard! D

I love watching Humorous Speech Contests because I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh, too! (Someday, when I’m funny enough, I’ll compete in this category, too.)


The purpose of this contest is to make the audience laugh. You could imagine the bursts of laughter while all the 11 contestants delivered their respective speeches.

Champion - Greg Vellejera, Jr. 1st Runner Up - Ralph Waldo Lim 2nd Runner Up - Norhaida Lumaan
Champion – Greg Vellejera, Jr.
1st Runner Up – Ralph Waldo Lim
2nd Runner Up – Norhaida Lumaan (Photo Courtesy of Ed Fabonan)



These three were the funniest! 😀 I wish you could watch the recorded video of their speeches. (Will find out where to watch it and share the link with you.)


Norhaida is the first Muslim toastmaster who competed in the District category (district means national). Her speech title was “Just Like You, People.” She talked about other people’s misconceptions about her being a Muslim. It was an enlightening speech, written and delivered in such a funny way!


Ralph Waldo Lim talked about his “First Time” to ask a girl out on a date. What’s funny about Ralph’s speech was his comic delivery. I later learned that he is actually a theatre actor. With matching seriously funny facial expression, he said, “Do you know how difficult it is to ask a girl out? And do you know how costly a date is? So girls, please… Don’t bring your friends along!”


Toastmaster Greg Vallejera, Jr talked about his wife’s “Lighter Side.” Greg stood near the podium and had to hold the podium from time to time to support himself. In other words, he had limited hand and body gestures but he managed  he managed to make the audience laugh more than 100 times during his 7-minute humorous speech. It was the funniest speech I’ve heard so far.


Toastmaster Greg 

I call him Lolo Greg. Hehe.


I admire his passion for learning despite his golden age and arthritis. I have so much respect for Toastmaster Greg. He is an epitome of humility, zest for life, and humor. Amazing! Felt so blessed to listen to Toastmaster Greg! It’s an honor to meet him in person.

This is Toastmaster Greg competing the "Groovy Lolo" contest during the Toastmasters Fellowship Night. (Photo courtesy of Ed Fabonan)
This is Toastmaster Greg competing the “Groovy Lolo” contest during the Toastmasters Fellowship Night. (Photo courtesy of Ed Fabonan)

There are many other Lolo Gregs in the toastmasters community — senior citizens who remain young at heart because they keep learning, they keep growing, and they remain in the company of the young ones.


This is why I love toastmasters! No matter what your background, age, or religion is, we all share the same interest in communicating a message and changing the world (I hope) through public speaking.


Random Conversations

During the convention, I shared a hotel room with my toastmasters friends Trixie and District Protocol Officer and Distinguished Toastmaster Tita Cora Oliva.


Tita Cora is in her senior years. As a protocol officer, she would wear a serious and strict hat during the activities because she had to make sure we observe all the rules and standards set by Toastmasters International during any of our toastmasters events.


Outside her role as a protocol officer, she’s one of the most caring persons I’ve met. I loved those moments when we talked about life and relationships inside our hotel room, while Trixie was busy having a concert inside the bathroom.


That particular night, I was a bit down (slight lang naman) because I didn’t expect to see someone in the past who have deeply hurt me and who never had the courage to say sorry to me in person.  Though I’ve already forgiven that person a long time ago, that person’s presence brought some uncomfortable energy. Tita Cora took time to listen to me and give me words of wisdom in the most gentle way possible. Her words and her loving gaze lifted my spirit. I wanted to hug her right there and then. Thank you, Tita Cora! I love you! :)


Past District Governor Grace Paras is another leader I really admire. In the past three days that we bumped into each other, she would always ask me, “How are you, Sha? How are your books? I pray you”ll write many more books!” And we’d greet each other with a smile and a hug. Thank you, PDG Grace!


Another leader who inspires me is Past District Governor Dinah Loomis. She’s a certified image consultant, a bestselling author, a renowned speaker, and one of the all time best-dressed women I’ve ever seen. She said great words about me and my book. Thank you, PDG Dinah! :)

with Past District Governor Dinah Loomis, Distinguished Toastmaster
with Past District Governor Dinah Loomis, Distinguished Toastmaster


Small Acts of Kindness

During Day 2 of the Toastmasters Convention, I was having severe migraine. I felt so uncomfortable, I kept massaging my head. Trixie volunteered to get water for me.


Gov. Ida Sih noticed I looked uncomfortable. She asked me if I wanted to take advil. She said my migraine would be gone in five minutes. I don’t really take medicines but at that time, I just couldn’t bear my migraine anymore, so I drank the advil she gave me. Ida then rubbed some menthol oil in my head. Indeed, my migraine was gone in minutes! Was it the advil? The oil? Or was it the care of Trixie and Ida? hehe!


Moments like these melt my heart. Toastmasters is not just about public speaking. It’s about friendship. And these random acts of kindness are some of the moments that make my journey as a toastmaster really worthwhile.


Words that Inspire. 


“Sha, I saw my friend and fellow toastmaster read your book Money & Me. I scanned a few pages and I liked it… So here I am. I want to get a copy of your book. Please autograph it for me.”


I loved that comment because I noticed that those who read my book are helping me market it through word-of-mouth. Money & Me is not just a book. It’s bigger than a book. It’s bigger than me. It’s an advocacy, an advocacy to help end poverty by 2024 through financial education.


Sha, I finished reading your book last night! It really inspired me. It showed me a glimpse of my future.”


I smiled when I heard that from a toastmaster who is still in college. One, this person really took time to read my book and finish it that day that she bought it — amidst the jampacked activities we had during the convention. Two, I envision that this book will be read by all college students even before they graduate so they get a glimpse of the future and they would be equipped with inspiration and learning on how to properly manage their finances.


After the four-day convention, my friend Trixie and I were both physically exhausted from the four-day convention and the three-hour bus ride from Clark to Manila but our spirits were still high to talk about things that interest us. We talked about our plans, dreams, and passions!


I love talking to someone who is full of enthusiasm and passion because I get energized by that person’s energy, too!


Later that day, Trixie sent me this message. It warmed my heart. :)

The text message that soothed my tiredness away
The text message that soothed my tiredness away

I thank God for surrounding me with great people who inspire me to become better and better.


There are so many other random things I loved about Discon 2014.

> Khris offered to carry my luggage.

> Chris carried my tarps on my behalf.

> Fritzie of Pampanga (a reader of my blog and books, attendee of my seminar, and who later on became my friend) and Kuya Greg of Business World helped me man my book table while I was attending the convention.

> Ann mentioned my book a couple of times during Day 2 of the convention.

> And Many More!!!


Everything is about moments

Sometimes we get so busy with our work and businesses that we fail to recognize the seemingly little things that would give us real happiness.


While we work hard in achieving our goals, may we also enjoy the many blessings around us –the beautiful sky, the gentle wind that kisses our cheeks, our family who loves us, our friends who stick with us through thick and thin, that one single act of kindness showed by our friend, that smile from a toothless child…


Toastmasters is so much more fun and meaningful because of my Presidents Toastmasters Family. I love each and everyone of them :)
Toastmasters is so much more fun and meaningful because of my Presidents Toastmasters Family. I love each and everyone of them :)

Enjoy every moment. Savor God’s blessings! :)


Have a good week ahead! :)


I hope to see you in the next toastmasters activities!


I wish you success and happiness!


What are the moments you cherish the most? Please share in the comments.



Sha Nacino

Author, Money & Me

Founder, SeminarPhilippines.com

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P.S. Were you at the Discon 2014? What were the highlights of your Discon experience? Please share in the comments. :)



P.P.S. Special THANKS to all the Toastmasters District 75 Officers who made the Discon 2014 experience a success! :)

Thank you to our Discon Chair  Gov. Yolly Meru, Programs Chair Gov. Pam Castro, Mitch Macapinlac, Kris Pura, Jenny Monastrial, Art King, Jazz, etc.


Big thanks also to the hardwork, dedication, and leadership of our Top Trio DG JJ Letargo, Gov. Boyar Archie, and Gov. Dotty Du…


Thank you also to International Director Joseph Gomez, DTM. :)


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Seminar: The Making of a Complete Leader

Do you want to be a COMPLETE leader?

Do you want your subordinates/friends/employees to follow you not because of your title but because of your positive influence on them?

Do you want to possess the whole range of skills – intellectual, emotional, social, moral, physical – that will allow you to lead others to a purposeful living?

If you answered YES to any or all of the questions above, then please keep reading.

According to studies, employees do not leave companies. They leave their bosses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a leader of an organization, or a manager/executive of a company, your skills as a leader will determine the level of success and happiness of your organization and of the people you work with.


My friends and I recently put up a training and consultancy company called the Institute for Integrality, Inc. 

Institute for Integrality, Inc.


The Institute for Integrality, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary training institution that aims to promote integral human development in the workplace.

We focus on integrating key developmental domains – people well-being, organizational vision and culture, effectiveness, and efficiency – through a holistic approach to people development, which, ultimately, translates into the successful functioning of an organization.

We came up with a 3-part seminar on leadership wherein we invited leaders and speakers from different fields. This is the first of its kind and we would like to invite you to be part of it.

The Leadership Integration Program:

The Making of a Complete Leader

Leadership Integration Program

Part 1: The BALANCED Leader

September 14, 2013 (Saturday)

1:30PM-6:00PM @ Makati Sports Club

Leadership Integration Program (3)

Part 2: The EQUIPPED Leader

October 5, 2013 (Saturday)

1:30PM-6:00PM @ Makati Sports Club

Leadership Integration Program (4)

Part 3: The FULFILLED Leader

November 9, 2013 (Saturday)

1:30PM-6:00PM @ Makati Sports Club

Leadership Integration Program

Meet the Speakers

Cristine Atienza

Cristine Margaret Atienza is the President of the Institute for Integrality, Inc. She was also the former Executive Director of the Institute for Development and Econometric Analysis, Inc. (IDEA), an organization based in University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Celia Elumba

Celia Elumba is the General Manager of Muesli Granola Kitchen and Bakeshop. She was the former Country Manager of Liz Clairborne International Ltd. – Manila and a former General Manager of Igedo Fashions, Inc. and R.H. Macy & Co., Inc.

Cayetano Paderanga, Jr

Cayetano Paderanga, Jr., Ph.D. is a Professor at University of the Philippines. He was the former Director General of NEDA, Monetary Board of Member of the BSP, ADB Director & PSE President, and Founding Chairman of IDEA, Inc.

Dr Aliza Racelis

Aliza Racelis, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at University of the Philippines — College of Business Administration. She took up her MBA at National University of Singapore.


Ian Culibao

Mary Christine Culibao is the Corporate Communications Director of the Institute for Integrality, Inc.


Val Averia

Valeria Averia is the Marketing Director of the Institute for Integrality, Inc.


Federico Marquez Jr

Freddie Marquez is the 2011 PMAP Manager of the Year. He is the Vice President for Human Resources of St. Luke’s Medical Center and Chairman of HR Team Asia, Inc.

Tony Meloto

Antonio “Tony” Meloto* is the Chairman and Founder of Gawad Kalinga. He was a 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Community Leadership.

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is an author, a speaker, and the Executive Director of Institute for Integrality, Inc. She was the Immediate Past President of Presidents Toastmasters Club and the founder of www.SeminarPhilippines.com/

Linda Valenzona

Rosa Linda Valenzona is the Chairman of the Institute for Integrality, Inc. She was the former General Manager of Ayala Multipurpose Coop, Inc., a former DSWD Undersecretary, and Consultant of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life.

Rina Villegas

Severina Villegas, Ed.D.* is the Executive Director of PAREF Woodrose School. She was a former Mentoring Consultant and Assistant Dean of the University of Asia and the Pacific — School of Education.

* to be confirmed


Where is the seminar venue?

The 3-part seminar will be held at Makati Sports Club, Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. . The ambiance is so beautiful you would think you’re out-out-town. We designed it that way.

We want you to experience attending a seminar at its finest and at the least possible cost on your part.

Makati Sports Club

Part 1: The Balanced Leader (Sep 14, 2013)

Part 2: The Equipped Leader (Oct 5, 2013)

Part 3: The Fulfilled Leader (Nov 9, 2013)


All the seminars will start 1:30PM and end at 6:00PM.

Who Should Attend the 3-Part Seminar?

The 3-part seminar was designed for:

  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders of an Organization
  • Toastmasters/ Public Speakers
  • Employees
  • Decision Makers
  • Parents
  • Employees
  • Authors
  • and all those who want to take their leadership skills to the next level

How much is the fee?


The 3-part Leadership Integration Program is  Php8,997 — which includes your guaranteed seats to the 3-part seminar, snacks, certificates, and the materials you need for the seminar.


However, you can avail of the EARLY BIRD RATE  of Php5,997 (you’ll save Php3,000) if you register on or before 10  September 2013.



Do you want a better deal? If you are among the first 49 people who will register, you could avail of the Special Early Bird Discount of Php4,997 only (total of Php4,000 savings!) only for the 3-part seminar.



Have you always wanted to write your own book? Do you have a message you’d like to share to the world through your book? How would you want to become an effective leader and an author at the same time?

We’re giving away Sha Nacino’s latest eBook called How to Write a Book Even if You’re Not a Writer. 

How to Write a Book 2_3D (edited by Sha)


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Please deposit Php4,997 to

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If you’re attending only on a Specific Date, it’s okay. You may still register. The fee is only Php2,000 per date. Kindly indicate which date you are attending.

Please Email Your Receipt to:

Kindly email your deposit slip to LetsTalk@instituteforintegrality.com. Please include the following information:



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You will be assured of a slot after you have deposited your fees to our account.

Thank you!

We thank our media sponsor Business World.



Sha Nacino

P.S. Our advertisement came out in Business World today (04 September 2013) and I’ve been receiving calls, sms, and emails from interested individuals and companies.


Secure your slot now! Click the link below.

YES! Sign  Me  Up to the Leadership Integration Program Now!


*Featured Photo Courtesy of DigitalPhotos.net

Let’s Count Our Blessings

One morning, I got a text from a friend. He said, “Hey Sha! I haven’t seen any new posts from your blogs happysha.com and seminarphilippines.com. Are you brewing up something exciting?”


I quickly replied, “Oh, I’ve been very busy lately. I will find time to update my blogs.”


At the back of my mind, I knew that I’ve so many things to do (after work). There are articles I have to write, speeches I need to compose and deliver, book drafts I want to complete asap, a talk I need to revise to tailor fit my target audience, and the list goes on. Just thinking about this lengthy To Do list made me want to screeaaammm!!!


Have you ever been in the same situation? You wanted to do so many things but it seems that you don’t have the luxury of time to do them?


And so one Friday night, I decided to hang out in a coffee shop by myself. I wanted to have some quiet “thinking” time.  I took out my Idea Bank and started revisiting my Goals for 2012. My goals are big and exciting! But  the moment I looked at them, I got overwhelmed… and impatient.


I should have finished this before December 2011.  I should have done this months ago. Oh! I still have so many things to do. This is getting very stressful.  These thoughts emerged.


And then I remembered one of Bo Sanchez‘ talks. “Count your blessings. Focus on what you already have rather than what’s lacking.”


I think Bo Sanchez is right. So before I work on my kilometer-long To Do list, I decided to count my 2011 blessings first.


A blogger that I am, I decided to use my blogs as venue to share my 2011 blessings. This is also my way of thanking you for being part of my journey.


Blessing # 1: My Own Townhouse

Door leading to my home-office

I’ve always wanted to have my own place in Manila where my family could stay every time they come here to visit me. In January 2011, my dream came true. I moved in to my own townhouse down South. It’s a three-bedroom townhouse located in a nice subdivision with fresh air and friendly neighbors.


Blessing #2: My first book Think Rich, Yuppies!

Think Rich Yuppies by Sha Nacino
Photo by Mon Quisumbing

Three years ago, an idea of writing a book came to mind because there was a compelling message I wanted to communicate to employees, especially the young professionals.

After two years of painstakingly writing, my very first book called Think Rich, Yuppies! was published through the help of Lloyd Luna. What made this book special was that it had the endorsements of people I admire like Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga and John Calub, among others.


Blessing #3: Resource Speaker in some Seminars and Talks

Money Summit 2011 at RCBC Plaza, Makati
Money Summit 2011 at RCBC Plaza, Makati

In 2011, I got a break. I was invited as one of the guest speakers in the seminars that I attended in 2010.

Sha Nacino

The seminars included the Money Summit 2011, Jomar Hilario‘s Breakthrough seminar, Eireen Diokno-Bernardo‘s Paypal 101 Workshop, and John Calub‘s Attracting Wealth seminar. These seminars gave me the opportunity to speak before large audience ranging from 20 participants to 2,000.


Blessing #4: I was featured in Opinyon and Success TV

with John Calub for Success TV
with John Calub for Success TV

I love watching talk shows. Never had I thought that one day, I’ll be a guest in a talk show. Thanks to John Calub and Cheska Camille San Diego who interviewed me in their TV show Success TV.


Blessing #5: Local Adventures

Adventures: It's more fun in the Philippines
Adventures: It’s more fun in the Philippines

Travelling has always been one of my great stress relievers. In 2011, I visited interesting places in the Philippines like Cebu, Bukidnon, Mizamis Oriental, Cagayan de Oro, Bohol, and Boracay.


In terms of adventures, indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines. I did the Plunge and wall climbing in Bohol, white water rafting in CDO, and beach hopping in Boracay.


Blessing #6: Meeting and dining with the people I look up to 


Meeting with Tito Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga
Meeting with Tito Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga

I’m a big fan of Gawad Kalinga and of Tony Meloto, the person who founded it. And so I was really happy to meet him through my friend Ria Cantos-Moritcho. I learned a lot during the two-hour meeting with Tito Tony.

Sha Nacino
I celebrated my birthday with these beautiful people

In addition, I also had the chance to celebrate my birthday with some of the big guys in the seminar industry like Jerome San, Eireen Diokno-Bernardo,  Ian Del Carmen, Mark So, Heinz Bulos of Learning Curve, and Rich Dad Asia Mr. Bellum Tan.


Blessing #7: My first e-book “How to Earn While on Vacation” with a Foreword by Bo Sanchez


How to Earn While on Vacation; Foreword by Bo Sanchez
How to Earn While on Vacation; Foreword by Bo Sanchez


One day, I was seated in the sala when an idea came to mind. “Write an e-book and give it away for free.”

And so I tinkered on my laptop the whole day until I came up with the e-book How to Earn While on Vacation. I am honored that my all-time favorite author Bo Sanchez wrote its Foreword. He was so kind to endorse it through his Facebook account. Yes, the e-book is free. Click HERE. 


Blessing #8: My blogs www.seminarphilippines.com and www.happysha.com

I love writing (or blogging) but I never really liked doing the techie stuff. Alas, I needed to do some techie stuff to run my blogs. And so for months, I studied how to edit HTMLs, how to host a website, how to run a wordpress.org account, how to set up google adsense, etc. These were the nitty gritty details that I had to attend to even if I didn’t enjoy doing them.


After months of hard work, my efforts paid off. I launched my two blogs http://seminarphilippines.com/ and http://www.happysha.com/.


To date, Seminar Philippines has 2,035 likes on Facebook and 2096 confirmed subscribers. Thank you for liking my Facebook pages and for subscribing to my blogs.


Blessing #9: European tour and World Youth Day 2011

World Youth Day 2011
World Youth Day 2011


This was probably the best trip I’ve had so far. Yesterday, France, Italy, and Spain were but words. In August 2011, I was so happy to set foot in these beautiful places during the two-week European pilgrimage that I and my friends had. The experience was surreal.


Blessing #10: Two-month Special Leave

Immediately after my two-week European pilgrimage, I took a two month vacation (unpaid) from September 1 to October 31, 2011 to focus on some personal things that I wanted to attend to. It was also my way of testing the  waters if “retiring from the corporate world” and writing full time were for me. I’m blessed to have bosses who were very supportive of my decision.


During my two-month vacation, I just stayed at home most of the time — jogging around our subdivision in the morning, playing with my kid neighbors in the afternoon, and writing in between. My two-month leave was very productive as I was able to finish writing and publishing my first e-book How to Earn While on Vacation and writing two drafts for two books.


The two-month leave was also an eye opener for me. I realized I was such a workaholic. I would often sleep at a little past midnight only to wake up very early the next day because I was excited to write. I was writing from sunup to sundown everyday for two months! The effect? Burnout.


I realized I wasn’t ready to go full time writing yet. I also started to appreciate my work in the corporate world more as it is very much in line with my passion.


So there you have it, my 10 major blessings in 2011. I think what I shared were just the “obvious” blessings. Apart from these major blessings, I also received seemingly ordinary blessings that I truly treasure. These include my happy and healthy relationships with my family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and of course, my God.


My friends, I invite you to do the same. Count your blessings.  Let’s celebrate our blessings. If you wish, you may share them by leaving your comments below.


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