3 Idiots (The Movie)

What the 3 Idiots Taught Me

When I went home to the province for a short vacation, my family was delighted, especially my brother.

He kept on telling me about the movie he watched called 3 Idiots. He said he already watched it twice but he wanted to watch it again with me. The title of the movie didn’t interest me and I wasn’t really in the mood to watch but I gave in anyway. 🙂

And so there we were in the sala, watching his favorite movie.

3 Idiots is an Indian comedy film about three friends — Farhan, Raju, and Rancho — who were taking up Engineering in one of the best universities in India. Their journey was made even more exciting because of  interesting personalities like Chatur, Prof. Virus, err Viru, and Pia.  Prof. Viru (whom the students call “virus”) labelled the three friends as idiots (though they were not really idiots).

Photo still from the movie 3 Idiots

In the beginning of the movie, Prof. Viru showed the class a very special pen which was given to him by his former professor several years back. His former professor told him, When you see an extraordinary student, give it to him. 

A few minutes into watching and my brother and I were laughing out so loud, Papa had to hush us as it was already past 10pm and we might disturb our neighbors. Then there were parts when we cried a bit, then laughed again.  The movie brought us in a roller coaster of emotions.

Like a well-crafted speech, 3 Idiots challenged our minds, touched our hearts, and definitely tickled our funny bones. What a masterpiece!

More than the entertainment, 3 Idiots taught me profound lessons on some of the most important aspects of life.


On Friendship

Rancho, the lead star, considers a friend as a man’s greatest bosom.

There were a couple of scenes in the movie where he put his friends’ needs before his needs. Like a true friend, he would go out of his way to help his friends and his friends’ families, even if this could endanger his life.

Despite his super bubbly nature, he touched his friends in a very deep way, it made Farhan and Raju cry. It made me and my brother cry as well. And I bet if you watched the movie, it made you cry too.

He taught Farjan to pursue his real passion in Wildlife photography and Raju to face his fear of failure.


On Success


Follow excellence and success will chase you.

Make your passion your profession.

Study with all your heart, not just for grades.

Study to be accomplished, not affluent. 


These were some of Rancho’s favorite lines, which he lived by.

Rancho always tops the exams. When asked by his friend Farhan how come he always excels,  Rancho’s answer was simple. “I love engineering. It’s my passion.”

He further said, Follow your talent. Quit Engineering. Marry photography. This was because Farhan was so good at Wildlife Photography, yet, he’s taking up Engineering because it was his parents’ dream for him to become an Engineer.

Raju then asked Rancho how come he (Raju) doesn’t excel even if he studies hard.

Rancho said, Cause you’re a coward. Scared of  the future. With such fear of tomorrow, how’ll you live today? How’ll you focus in your studies? Go live your life. 

Rancho said it very well, his words pierced my heart. So true. And so I decided to adopt his mantra “Make your passion your profession.” Everyday, I am taking baby steps towards making that a reality.


On Education

As opposed to Chatur, his competitor, Rancho studied for the love of it. In fact, he didn’t see Chatur as a competitor.

He questioned the educational system. He said the system highlights grades and jobs instead of ideas and inventions. This made Prof. Viru furious.

There was a scene when Prof. Viru dragged Rancho to an ongoing class and put him on the spot.

Rancho was in front of his classmates and two professors, all anticipating his move.  He looked at the big book the class prof was using, and he wrote two words in the blackboard. Then ha gave everyone 30 seconds to define the words.

No one was able to answer.

Then Rancho said,

When you were asked to define the two words, were you excited, curious? Thrilled that you’ll learn something new? No. You all got into frantic race.

What’s the use of such methods even if you come first? Will your knowledge increase? No. Just the pressure. 

This is college, not a pressure cooker. 

Again, this made Prof. Viru really mad. He challenged Rancho to define the two words.

Rancho was such a clever. He said, I just invented the words. I was not trying to teach Engineering. I was teaching you how to teach. 

And off he ran to escape from Prof. Viru’s rage. 🙂

Rancho believes that by changing the educational system, we can change the world. He manifested this in his own special way as shown in the latter part of the movie.

Rancho also questioned the grading system. He said that grades create a divide — A Graders = Masters and C graders = Slaves. He said this because after the term, their class would have a class picture and those who excel would sit in front (where Rancho usually sits being the  class topnotcher and those who have the lowest grades sit at the back (where his friends Raju and Rancho usually sit).

I share Rancho’s view on education. This was one of the many reasons why I was glued to the movie.

Indeed, learning should be exciting and inspiring! This is actually the tagline of Seminar Philippines. It’s a dynamic classroom that educates and empowers us to achieve the kind of life we want. We learn not just in classrooms, but also through seminars, books, interviews, movies, etc. 🙂


Though Rancho’s ways and beliefs were unconventional and he was always scolded by Prof. Viru, his passion and his good nature were so vibrant, Prof. Viru gave the “pen” to Rancho towards the end of the term. Even Chatur who competed wildly against Rancho bowed down to him towards the end of the movie.

The movie was beautifully crafted, with some exciting twists, which I dare not reveal in this post for the benefit of those who haven’t watched it yet.

Pursuing one’s passion is not easy. We’ll encounter so many setbacks. Always remember, when a problem bugs you, put your hand in your heart and say “All is well.”

Have you watched 3 Idiots? Share us your insights by leaving a comment below.If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s highly recommended. 🙂


Happy learning!


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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit shanacino.com or email her at sha@seminarphilippines.com.


  • Edel Ramilo

    I agree with you, Sha. The movie is very exciting and inspiring! It even made my mom cry. HAHA! 😀

    As a student, I believe that the learner should be intrinsically motivated. We should be learning for the love of learning. The problem is that most educational institutions are achievement-oriented and they produce achievement-oriented students. There is a promotion of competition. There is indirect encouragement for students to do their best to get ahead of others. This should not be the case though. It’s up to us to make a paradigm shift. 😀

  • Dan

    The 3 Idiots also become my favorite movie instantly. I also recommend the movie “Every Child Is Speical.” It’s available in YouTube, divided into 16 parts. Rancho is also there. This time, he is the teacher.

  • niki

    I’ve watched 3 idiots last summer through a friend. since then i think I’ve replayed it 3-4x! yes,that’s how powerful the impact of the movie is to me.not only was it entertaining but very inspiring as well..i share with racho’s thoughts/ideas about education. it is not just to get good grades or to pass a course. it should be something we should all be enjoying. educators should not only teach but TOUCH and INSPIRE students about themselves and what they can give to the world later on.
    rancho is endeared to viewers because of his practical and straight from the heart words.something we should be instilling in our children early on.
    i think i can just rave nonstop about rancho and the movie but that would be too much for those who hadnt seen it yet 😀

    yes,i agree w/dan. “Every Child is Special” is a heart warming movie also especially for teachers in the field of special education or for those who wants a glimpse on how valuable it is to reach out to children w/special needs.

    enjoy the movies! 🙂

  • ellen

    I had nothing else to watch yesterday so I was browsing through ripped movies on my sister’s PC when I found “3 IDIOTS”. I was expecting a Bollywood comedy of sorts, I got an amazing treat of a movie.
    What a wonderful, refreshing take at a movie! I give it all-stars! 🙂

    I must say this one belongs to my personal list of fave movies of all time, the most recent of which was the “Avatar”. When a movie leaves me with new insights, makes me think deeply, makes me cry or laugh, I see no fault in portrayal, drama, is well-executed up to the finest detail, I would include it on my favorites. This one checked all.

    The movie was an umbrella into my mind’s forays to the educational and grading system I think my country needed- turns out India has it, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a global phenomenon rarely spoken of, or even thought of by those education secretaries and ministers and division supervisors and deans, blah, blah.

    Said movie was also a high-definition window into India: with interesting culture, passionate people…it was so wonderful I cannot possibly describe everything without spoiling it for those who haven’t watched it yet.

    Definitely a must-see movie.
    Highest rating! All- stars!

  • edgardo berones

    To think sobrang haba ng movie, never shang naging boring because every scene is either rib-tickling or heart warming. And yes Sha, sobrang daming matututunan na words of wisdom sa film na to. Great film! Si “Silencer” lang yata ung di nag-enjoy sa film na ito eh. 🙂

  • Divine

    I’m so late in this post but I’d like to comment too. hehe. I watched the movie four times already (just imagine how many hours that is haha) and I love it. Made me laugh, made me cry and taught me lessons I will not forget. I agree to all you’ve said.

    I also admire Rancho’s humility and simplicity. He did not study hard to gain glory or to be on top or to boast. He has his ideals and he follows them.

    Great post Sha! As always. 🙂

  • John

    I agree with all the post. This is one of the movies I watched which really left an impact that you want to watch it again and again. Very inspiring and never expected that this is totally different from the Bollywood movies I watched. This is a masterpiece. It was created so well…All izz well.

  • PeñaRUNzi

    Hi Sha! I have watched this middle of this year. Like you, I was not keen in watching it. I just gave in to my brother’s bugging.

    True enough, I laugh, cried, learned, and cried more, and learned more.

    “Follow excellence. Success will chase you, pants down.”

    Al izz well!

  • Victor Ng

    Hi Sha!

    I watched this great movie upon the recommendation and firm endorsement of a couple of my Indian friends when I was working and living alone on TNT status in Australia. I was so stunned and amazed by this movie that from that time on, I would watched it repeatedly especially at times when I feel so lonely and down… thinking about my family and good friends back home. When I finally decided to come home last February of 2011, after almost 7 agonizing years leaving alone and away from my family, it was the very first movie I shared with my 2 sons, one of whom had just graduated from UST College of Architecture and our little bunso, who is then just about to enter college.

    Every now and then, I would still watch this beautiful movie of the 3 idiots with my bunso, who himself had been so inspired and moved by the plot and key characters of this great movie, especially Rancho.

    I just hope our educators and those involved in the formulation of our educational system would all have the chance to watch this movie and be inspired to make a change in the way we educate our children today and in the future. I salute Bro. Bo Sanchez’s share of this change by home schooling their children and encouraging/inspiring other parents to follow suit, if only to fulfill our fullest responsibility as parents of the next generation.

    I do hope and pray that the youth of today would have the same vision and thoughts as Rancho’s on education, friendship, parenthood, and life.

    Forgive me, Daniel, but 2 thumbs’ up is absolutely an understatement of how inspiring and powerful this great movie is!

    ALL IS WELL!!!

  • Ray

    Hello Sha, this movie is now one of my favorite, we also viewed this on our NFP updating, the speaker just tell us to see especially the latter part where Prof. Virus daughter gave Rancho an instruction on how to help her sister to deliver a baby with the help of a vacuum cleaner improvised suction, really this movie is also a Pro-life movie. Recommended for all to watch and learned more even when you feel down or confused. Just say… All is well! All is well! All is Well! Thanks a lot for your post, reviews and recommends of good movies like this. Thank you.

  • Reggie Remendado

    I super love the Movie too! I have watched it 4x already, and I still can't help but cry and laugh afterwards, whenever I see My favorite scenes! the writer is a genius!

  • Lynda Moral

    I WATCHED IT 4TIMES AND I EVEN PUT THE "ALL IS WELL , ALL IS WEFLL"BELIEF O N OUR FACULTY ROOM, THAT anything that will come to our life would end up well a matter of chances and faith.And all is fair in everything.

  • Anand Prakash

    Aamir kahan my fav. Actor.i like Aamir'khan movie movie name-3idiot, taare zameen par, rang de basnti, fanna, lagaan once upon time in india, Dil chahta hai, talaas, jo jeeta wohi sikandar, Gajani, sarforsh, Delhi belly, jane tu ya jane na and upcoming movie Doom3 and peekay.

  • Ferandy

    It is the only movie that I had watched in 5 consecutive days and it did not failed to amuse me.Actually, I am planning to have a tattoo in my left chest of Rancho’s mantra- “Aal izz well”.. 🙂

  • yong

    Was reading wealth strategies 222 issues and bring me to this site. College days nostalgia, I watched this for the nth time, Make my family and friends watch also. lots of good thoughts! since then I read about Aamir khan and watched his other movies. 🙂

  • Miriam Aquino

    Hi Sha,

    I am currently in the Philippines for almost 3 months now and quit my job, but yet to think what I am supposed to do right now running out of time and savings. I need to decide ASAP what I really want to do. Anyways thank you for sharing the Blessings and This movie interest me, I haven’t watch it yet. Just wondering what are the two words he wrote on the Board? I missed it

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