“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord and not for men.”  – Colossians 3:23


This was her favorite motto which she embraced all her life.


She was a wife and mother who loved (and continuous to love) her family deeply. She shared herself selflessly to others.  She has a big heart and her love extends to all the people that she encountered. She was also well loved by her family, her pupils, and the many communities and organizations that she served.


As an elementary teacher, she honed her craft by taking further studies (Masters and Ph.D.) so that she could give the best education to her pupils. On Saturdays, she would tutor them in her own home for free! She would even serve them snacks.


On Sunday mornings, she and her family would attend the mass together where she would often serve as a lector. In the afternoon, she would go back to the church to teach children how to pray the Holy Rosary.


Despite her busy schedule with work and community activities, she was a full-time mother and wife. I wonder how she did that. She had time to cook meals for the family, help her children review for exams, listen to her children’s stories for hours, and the list goes on. She nurtured her family with so much love and affection.


She also had a huge backyard which she and her husband planted with guavas, star apple, calamansi, papaya and many other fruits. During harvest season, she and her family would fill out pails with fruits and distribute the harvest to their neighbors and her pupils. Yes, she didn’t sell their harvest.


In addition, they had poultry with layers (chicken that lay eggs) and occasionally, she would boil dozens of eggs and treat her poor elementary pupils to a free breakfast of boiled eggs.


I personally love this teacher with all my heart. She taught me how to value education and how to be passionate about your dreams. She taught me how to pray, how to love, how to get along well with others, etc. Because of her, I discovered that Mathematics is so much fun!


She is my favorite teacher and my all-time best friend. She is my one and only mother, my Dear Mama, Dr Crispa “Ippa” Nacino.

I love you, Ma! Happy Mother's Day :)
I love you, Ma! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


I would like to honor my Dear Mama in this special day for mothers. After all, she raised me to be where I am today. She simply led an example that has inspired me through the years. She was and will always be my inspiration.


It’s been three years since my Mama joined Jesus in Heaven. I could imagine that she must be all smiles as she sees me pursuing my passion and helping (hopefully) a lot of people in the process. I could still feel her love every time I pray, eat, drive, write, walk, run… Love is indeed the most powerful force on earth.


Sometimes, I still get teary-eyed when I see mothers who resemble my Mama. I wish Mama were still around. I wish I could listen to her voice. I wish I could tell her my dreams, my achievements, my frustrations,  my plans and hear her enthusiastic voice as she would encourage me and tell me the magic words. I wish…


I guess God has better plans for Mama. I’m just so blessed that He gave me a wonderful mother who loved me unconditionally for a good 25 years.


If your mother is beside you, hug her, kiss her, take her on a date. Let her feel how much you value and love her.


If your mother is miles away from you, call her up. Send her a card.


If your mother is already in a better place like my Mama, keep her in your prayers every day. This way, you will still feel connected.


Thanks God for our Mothers. They are real heroes. Mama is my hero. To this day, she is very much alive in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers. Sometimes, people see Mama in me and I take that as a compliment because I love my Mama and I am proud of her.


Are you a mother? Happy Mother’s Day to you! I wish you happiness, good health, and success. You’re a blessing, a hero! 🙂


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