I’m here in Tagaytay and it’s so refreshing to breathe fresh air, look at the green scenery, and be in the presence of a group of people very dear to my heart — Toastmasters! Wow… I just want to savor this moment…. 🙂


Toastmasters all over the Philippines are having a two-day conference here. I have a few minutes to spare before the actual conference so I decided to share with you an excerpt of this Humorous speech that I delivered during one of our toastmasters meeting. 


(By the way, Toastmasters is a public speaking club…My goal is to entertain you and make you laugh. Please do laugh, okay? ; )


Enjoy! 😀




I remember a time when my friends and I went to Tagaytay. We dropped by a church and it so happened that a wedding was about to begin. Just a few seconds after we planted our knees on the pew, the bridal song “Ikaw ang Bigay ng Maykapal” was on air and the bride started marching down the aisle.


As soon as I saw the bride walking slowly towards her groom, tears started discretely rolling down my cheeks. Were those tears of joy? But I didn’t know the bride nor the groom.


And it happened again when I attended my cousin’s and his bride’s wedding in Pangasinan. The moment my cousin’s bride walked down the aisle, tears started rolling down my cheeks. Nope, it’s not the discrete kind of tears that could easily be dried up by damping your fingers with grace and poise. It was the kind of tears that might make the guests wonder, “Was that the ex-girlfriend? Or did someone just dump her?”


And then I began to wonder. Why do I always get teary-eyed during weddings? Was it the magic of the moment when the bride marches down the aisle? Was it because I’ve always been a bridesmaid…?


And just to complete the story during my cousin’s wedding, I was really crying. I turned to my aunt, “Auntie, can I borrow your handkerchief?” And my aunt handed me a clean face towel.


Today, I would like to talk about love. After all, it’s something that everyone could relate to, right? Have you ever been in love?


I believe that finding your partner, is like magic. Imagine, of the millions of people in this world, you fell in love with this guy and he fell in love with you! Because two other things could happen – you love the guy but he doesn’t love you OR the guy loves you but you don’t love him. No wonder David Pomeranz’ song, “cause it’s magic when two people fall in love” was such a big hit! He’s right!


I remember when I first fell in love.


I was in Grade 5.


We bumped into each other and it’s as if the whole world stopped and it was just him and me. It was love at first sight.


I was so in love I felt my heart would burst. And since this was so special to me, I didn’t want anyone to know about my big crush on our class valedictorian. I couldn’t contain my feelings so I wrote a poem about my feelings for him. I kept the poem hidden from the prying eyes of my classmates, and especially of my younger brother who loves to tease me. Up to now, my crush never knew I had a big crush on him.


puppy love

Puppy Love 😀

They said it’s puppy love when you fall in love at such a young age. My young heart thought it was true love. After all, my feelings for him lasted from Grade 5 till 4th year High School.


After that, I had no other serious crushes.


And then one day, after attending the Feast in Valle Verde, led by Bo Sanchez, my friend saw his long time buddy whom he casually introduced to me.  His name was Paolo.


When I saw Paolo, I thought he is the one. He’s taller than me. He looked kind and gentle. When I got home, I looked at his Facebook account and I saw his recent photos. Whoa! He’s also a toastmaster!  And we have common friends?!  It must be destiny!


And then I saw him again during one of the Singles’ Encounter in the Light of Jesus family. I caught his eye but he didn’t catch mine. It’s okay, perhaps, he was just busy taking photos.


Speaking of photos, I looked at his camera and what a coincidence! We have the same camera!!!


And then I saw him again. And what better place to see him than at the Feast, right after the Holy Mass and during the talk of my all-time favorite author and speaker Bo Sanchez.


Bo Sanchez told the audience, look at the person at your back and tell that person, …”


I looked behind me and to my surprise, I saw Paolo. He was smiling at me. This time, our eyes met. And with all sincerity, he uttered two words that I will never forget.


Keep wishing.”


That’s not all, I looked closely and he was holding hands with a pretty girl, his girlfriend.


The magic didn’t work for us.


My friends, if you haven’t found your magic yet, “Keep wishing.” Believe that someday you would. And before that day comes, strive to become the right person so that you would attract the best person God has prepared for you.


How do you know that you’re in love? It’s when you want the best for that other person. And you want to be the best for him.


I wish all of us will have happy and fulfilling love lives!  🙂


Did this post make you laugh? Any wishes that you’d like to share? Comments are welcome and encouraged. 🙂



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6 Responses to Keep Wishing

  1. Divine says:

    Suddenly, it’s magic!! haha

    Nice article sha. 🙂 I’ll keep wishing for you to find your one true love. 😉

  2. Jojang Aguas says:

    Dear Sha,

    Thank you for your story. I really enjoy reading your writings… Anyway, I hope you don’t mind but I would like to share with you a Didache reflection that I wrote in 2005. If you will read it, you will know why I can say I can really relate with your article. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration for me.

    Keep up the good work! God bless!


    APRIL 9, 2005 Gospel : John 6:16-21

    “It’s me. Don’t be afraid.” John 6:20


    I was thirty five. Single. Unattached. And extremely anxious. I loved God. And I know that the Lord loves me. But I also know deep inside that there was someone whom God has set aside for me to be my lifetime partner. I had dreamed that when I reach the age of thirty, I would have been married; with at least two children. To make matters worse, no one seems to be seriously romantically interested in me.

    I went about with my life as if there was no nagging loneliness that I felt. I worked. Went out with friends. Tried to be faithful to my community and prayer group. But none of these things that I did were enough to assuage the “longing” I felt. I was this way for five more years.

    When I reached forty. I made a decision to be joyful. I was not going to let unmet dreams rule my life. I fervently sought God and refused to be preoccupied with the idea of marriage. I travelled, found a job and established new friendships. I realized my potentials and was enjoying my life. In other words, for the first time in years, I was free!

    I came back to Manila from my travels a different person. Same job, same company but a new “me.” A far better one, I might add.

    Two months after I arrived, A friendship was rekindled with someone I met a few months before I left Manila. Our friendship blossomed… A year after, we got married. I was 42. Matthew was 44.

    You know what? I’m so happily married, I know that getting married at 42 was the perfect time for me. If I was wed before now, I would not have been ready for it. And Matthew tells me, it’s the same for him.

    My life is in His Hands. If only I trusted more, I would have been spared years of useless anxiety. (Marisa A.)

    • Sha Nacino says:

      Hi Jojang,

      This is one of the most inspiring love stories I’ve read. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

      God bless you and Matthew! I hope to get to meet the both of you one of these days, perhaps over coffee or dinner. I would to listen to your love story. I’m sure you have a lot of stories to share. 🙂



  3. Very nice blog! And yes … I keep wishing!


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