Last Saturday, about 50 people from Mentor Philippines, OWWA scholars, and PLDT Customer Care gathered together in PGH (Philippines General Hospital) to celebrate early Christmas with the sick children in PGH Wards 9 and 11.


This is the 5th year that Mentor Philippines has been visiting the PGH wards but the visits — dubbed as Pasko Pa Rin — were usually done in January. This is the first year that we did it in November and so it’s called Maagang Pasko. This is also the first time that we did it with PLDT Customer Care which doubled the fun.


PLDT Customer Care Department prepared 100 bags of goodies and some personalized gifts for the children.


Beautiful people from PLDT Customer Care and their gifts

Beautiful people from PLDT Customer Care and their gifts


The idea was to spend time with the patients and their guardians, bring them cheer, and listen to their stories. The visits were inspired by the visits of St. Josemaria Escriva to the poor and sick in Madrid because he wanted to offer them prayers and to ask their prayers, too. As Christians, we believe that God intently listens to the prayers of the sick and poor.


After the visit, we convened at the atrium of PGH where we shared our experience and insights. Here were the three lessons from the visit:


1. Be strong.

An OWWA scholar shared that she was so inspired by a one-year old girl with tubes attached all over her body; yet, she managed to smile and fight for her life. The girl displayed fortitude and cheerfulness despite her condition.


When trials arise, when stress is eating you up, when money problems keep you worried, be strong.  Think about it. At least you’re healthy. As a passage in the Bible goes, “This, too, shall pass.


When the burdens seem too heavy to carry, when you feel alone in this fight, when you feel weak and you start to question your worth, remember that YOU are LOVED by the Greatest Lover of all time. ♥


2. Be thankful.

The visit reminded us to be thankful at all times. Waking up in the morning with good health is such a wonderful blessing which we sometimes take for granted.


While others are fighting to breathe, we are blessed to be able to carry out our every day duties.


3. Be more giving and more loving.

A simple smile and a kind gesture can do wonders.


A mentor shared that she was telling this sick child,

Oh next time na pupunta kami dito, dapat di na kita makita dito kasi magaling ka na ha. O di ba gusto mo maging painter?”


She was giving the child a vision of the future.


The visit only lasted for about 2 hours but the experience was priceless for everyone — the volunteers, the patients, and their guardians.


How else can we bring joy to the people around us? How else can we make Jesus happy on His birthday? Please share in the comments.



Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas! 🙂

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 🙂

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