Two months after my college graduation, I started earning my own money.  I suddenly felt rich! I didn’t know what to do with the money in my hands. I offered to give some to my parents but my parents advised me to save for my future.


Well, I didn’t buy their advice. I thought money will never run out since I will always receive my salary every pay day.


I started to raise my lifestyle. Instead of taking the bus, I would occasionally take the taxi going to and from work. Instead of watching movies at home, my friend and I would watch movies in the big screen almost every week. I also got attracted to using credit cards. My expenses were rising up fast and my salary suddenly became insufficient. My credit cards meanwhile bridged the gap between my expenses and my salary.
And then one day, a year after I was working,  it happened. I only had Php50 in my wallet and my salary will arrive in three days.

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It was almost lunch time, I was hungry, but I didn’t have enough money to buy me lunch. I was shy to borrow from office mates. I took out my cell phone and called up my Papa who’s based in the province, some 12 hours away from Manila.
“Pa, can I borrow Php1,000?”  In less than an hour, my father sent me the money via LBC. He wanted to increase the amount but I assured him that Php1,000 would be fine.


From my office in Ayala Avenue, I walked all the way to Buendia with my high heels. I had to traverse the stretch of Buendia to locate LBC and get my Php1,000 so I could buy lunch! I had no umbrella and the heat of the sun melted my make-up. I felt like a foolish clown who was on the verge of crying.  Had there been cameras around, the scene would have been perfect  for a music video.


My Papa — wise and loving — knew how to give support and a powerful lesson at the same time. His words hit me. “Sha, at the rate that you’re spending, you’ll go bankrupt in no time. You should have a conscious effort to manage your money.


Papa very rarely gives me unsolicited advice. He has always been vocal about how pleased he is having me as his daughter. When he said those words, he must have been serious… and so I took his words seriously.


That literally got me started to invest in my financial education. It’s a continuing education with no graduation. I’m glad a lot of things have changed since then.


My Buendia experience was such a painful one. My physical hunger and my aching feet were nothing compared to what I felt inside.  I felt stripped off my dignity, walking kilometers on a hungry stomach just to get my Php1,000 — and it’s all because I didn’t know how to manage my money!


Did you ever experience eating your pride and borrowing money from a friend or office mate? It must be painful.


Are you getting little sleep worried over your credit card debts?


Do you want to retire early but you can’t — because you still have debts that will shrink your retirement to almost nothing?


What must be the solution?


Increase in salary? I beg to disagree. An increase in salary may just result to increase in expenses, and may leave you having more debts than before.


Winning the lotto? I don’t think so.


Borrowing? As Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”


Earning more money doesn’t guarantee financial success.  The difference maker is education, specifically, financial education. Financial Literacy was never really taught in school; so we have a lot of catching up to do. It’s okay. Today is always the best time to learn; not tomorrow, not yesterday. 🙂


My friend, I invite you to invest in your financial education.  Learn how money works and how to multiply it without robbing your soul. Learn to start putting in little amounts today in order to have a comfortable retirement tomorrow.


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As always, comments are most welcome and encouraged. 🙂



Sha Nacino

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