Seminar: How to Achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS So You Can Pursue Your Passions!

Do you want to get rid of your credit card debts?


Are you tired of working hard day in and day out, yet money is never enough?


Do you want to have more time and money to pursue your real interests?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then please keep reading.



For 9 years, I was a struggling employee. I was trying hard to juggle my time for my job, my family and friends, my interests, and my other activities. I was also earning just enough to cover my living expenses and invest in my personal education.



In my first year as an employee, I got buried in credit card debts.



At that time, I wanted to resign but I could not because of two reasons. One, I had messy finances. I had zero savings and I had huge credit debts! Two, I didn’t know what to do in case I resign. I didn’t know my passions.



There were days when I would drag myself to work. I still remember those Christmas, New Year, and other special occasions that I spent at work.  There were times when I couldn’t get a decent sleep because I worried over my credit card debts.

The Turning Point

These painful experiences inspired me to invest in my personal education. I read books. I attended seminars. I sought mentors.



In 3 years, I was able to zero out my credit card debts and turnaround my finances.



Last August 5, 2013, after working for 9 years in the corporate world, I finally quit my job so I could pursue my passions in writing and public speaking full time. I’ve never felt so free and happy!

Sha Nacino on Vacation

Vacation and Conference at Imperial Palace, Cebu


From time to time, I also travel to my dream destinations. I’ve been to France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzen, and most parts of the Philippines.



Up until today, I still attend seminars. I still read books. I still learn from mentors. I see the value these books, seminars, and mentors give.


Seminars have blessed me so much. For this reason, I came up with my first-ever Money Management Seminar. This seminar aims to help you succeed in your finances so you can pursue your passions and live your dreams.

 How to Achieve Financial Success


I’ve been wanting to conduct this seminar but I got so busy in my day job that time. Now is the best time to do it and I’m so excited!



In this seminar, I’m going to show you what I’ve been doing for years that helped me zero out my credit card debts, turnaround my finances, and live the life I’ve always dreamed of.


What You Will Learn in this Seminar


√ How and Why You should Take Charge of Your Finances


√ How to Make Both Ends Meet regardless of Your Income


√ What You Should Accumulate and What You Should Eliminate —  This is so IMPORTANT! You shouldn’t miss it!


√ How to Zero Out Credit Card Debts


√ The Right Way of Saving


√ How and Where to Invest


√ How to Make More Money without Quitting Your Job…Yet!


I’ve been applying these in my own finances and they worked! This is the reason why I was able to quit my job and pursue my passions full time. I still have a long way to go and this is the reason why I keep investing in myself.



Okay, I’m not telling you to quit your job. If you love your job, this seminar will make you love your job even more. (Tip: If you’re in HR, I encourage you to send your employees to this seminar)


If you feel you’re not meant to be an employee and you’re meant to pursue your real passions, this seminar will liberate you and give you tools on how you could achieve that.


There’s More!

I’ve invited my friends who I consider as my mentors. They will share with you their journey to financial success.



What’s common among them is that they are now doing what they love to do! From time to time, I meet up with them just to catch their positive energy. I’m learning from them and I believe you will definitely learn from them as well.



Here’s what you will learn from our Guest Speakers



»The Winning Money Habits


» How a Former Informal Settler Became a Property Developer


» How a former IT Manager Became a Full-Time Real Estate Investor and Internet Marketer  


» How to Start Your Business –TODAY!



Meet the Speakers 

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a professional speaker and a prolific author of over five books. She has guested in several seminars such as Bo Sanchez’s Best-Selling Authors Bootcamp and Ardy Roberto’s Project Author Class. She has also given talks to companies like HSBC and Philam.  Sha is currently the Executive Director of Institute for Integrality, Inc. She’s the founder of


Allan Inocente

Allan Inocente is a successful entrepreneur with business expansions here and abroad. He is the author of the eBook Rich Money Habits – 8 Ways to Shift Your Money Habits and Be Rich and the founder of He’s been invited by University of the Philippines to speak to the university students a couple of times.


Maves Angeles

Maves Angeles or The Planet Girl, as how Bo Sanchez describes her, is a property developer and the President of Happy Homes Realty.  She is a Platinum member of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club.  Maves has been invited to speak to different seminars and organizations and she’s been inspiring people through her talks.


KC Macapagal 2

KC Macapagal – is the President of InviGuards, a company that provides lifetime protection for gadgets. He was featured in Go Negosyo’s book 50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs, along with Injap Sia II of Mang Inasal and Chris Tiu of Happy Lemon.     


Jay CastilloJay Castillo is the founder of, the top 1 blog in real estate category. Over 5,000 people visit his website every single day! He is an advocate of financial literacy and he has  been inspiring people through his talks in different seminars and events such as the Money and Wealth Summit, Ecommerce, and Webcamp, among others.


 Meet the Seminar Host

Trixie Esguerra

Trixie Barretto Esguerra is a professional host by passion and an entrepreneur by profession. She has hosted several events which include the Barretto 2nd Grand Reunion. She has also guested in top-rating TV shows such as Umagang Kay Ganda, Unang Hirit, MARS, and Kabuhayang Swak na Swak.



Before these speakers became successful in their respective fields, they also encountered challenges. They were not born with a silver spoon.



Allan Inocente was raised in the province. He was an OFW and an employee for  9 years!



Maves Angeles had no permanent address while she was growing up. She and her family relocated 15 times in a span of 20 years! In vernacular, she used to live in the squatters area. Today, she’s now a property developer. Bo Sanchez invited her to share her  story in front of 10,000 people at The Feast PICC and her speech moved  the audience to tears. You will be so inspired by her story!



KC Macapagal was a Call Center agent for two years before he became a successful entrepreneur.



Jay Castillo was an overworked IT manager for years until he decided to pursue his passion in real estate and internet marketing.



Today, they’ve been inspiring people through their talks and businesses. They walk their talks.



I believe that no matter what situation you are in, this seminar will truly bless you!



You will be inspired by the stories of the speakers. You will learn practical, doable, and effective steps on how you, too, could turnaround your finances and live the life you want.



Who Should Attend This Seminar?


  • Employees who want to have a financial breakthrough
  • Call Center employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Leaders
  • Students
  • Anyone who wants to scale up his/her finances



Why Should You Attend this Seminar


  • You will learn how to increase your earning ability
  • You will discover how to zero out your credit card debts and eliminate your worries
  • You will learn from 5 speakers  – all coming together to advocate financial literacy
  • You will rub elbows with like-minded individuals with big dreams and great love
  • You will be treated to a half day learning filled with fun, food, and inspiration
  • Take pictures with the speakers, for free, of course!   
  • What you will learn from this seminar is something you don’t read in textbooks
  • Lots of surprises!



When and Where is the Seminar

The seminar will be held on October 12, 2013 (Saturday) at 8:00am-12:00pm.


Venue will be at the Podium Deck of Globe East Tower, Madison St., cor. Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. Globe East Tower is beside Legend Villas Hotel.


The location is very convenient. If you’re commuting, just get off at MRT Boni and walk your way towards Globe East Tower.   If you have a car, you may park at Robinsons Forum (formerly called Robinsons Pioneer) or at Globe Tower itself on a first-come first served basis.


How much is My Investment?

This is a half day seminar filled with inspiration and nuggets of wisdom from five speakers. You will learn in half day what we’ve been learning in decades.


Regular Rate is Php1,497 only. This includes your pass to the half day seminar, handouts, and snacks.


Early Bird Rate!!!

I believe that people who have a bias for action get rewarded.


I read an email from internet marketing guru Jomar Hilario where he quoted Chris Widener:


All great accomplishments start with a single swift action. 


I’m giving a Super Early Bird Rate of Php997 only (you SAVE Php500) if you register on or before September 30, 2013.


Again, the Php997 entitles you to a pass for the half day seminar, handouts, and snacks.


If you have barkada or friends and you want to learn together, avail of the group discount.


PAIR – Php1,750 (SAVE Php1,244)

Group of Five – Php 4,250 (SAVE Php3,235)


The Early Bird Discount and the Super Early Bird Group Discount are only applicable untilSeptember 30, 2013.


Hurry! I’ve reserved a place that could only accommodate 39 participants. Once the space gets filled, I will need to close the registration and you will have to wait for the next run.  


TO REGISTER, click the Link Below: 

register now


My friend and former colleague Cza Claridad of Dolce Gateau also recently quit her job so she could pursue her passion in baking full time! I’ve tasted her brownies  and I almost forgot my name! :D

Brownies by Dolce Gateau

Kidding aside, she really bakes like a pro! She agreed to bring us FREE samples of her baked products. This is on top of the light snacks I asked the caterer to prepare for us!



During the break, I will be raffling off the best-selling books below. They are among my favorite books! These books will surely help you in your journey towards financial success!

Best-Selling Books, Sha Nacino, Dean Pax Lapid, Bo Sanchez



If you are among the first 9 people to register, I will give you a free copy of any one of my eBooks below — your choice!

eBooks ni Sha


This is exciting!


See you on October 12!


I wish you success and happiness!


Sha Nacino

P.S. You deserve a life full of blessings. You deserve to pursue your passion and be very happy without worrying over money. This seminar will bless you!


P.S.S. This is the first time I, Jay Castillo, Allan Inocente, Maves Angeles, KC Macapagal, and Trixie Esguerra will gather together in one event! Only 39 seats left!


REGISTER NOW to Secure Your Slots! 

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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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