In the past few days, I’ve received emails from friends, readers of Seminar Philippines, and attendees of my previous seminars. The emails were lengthy. They all boil down to one question: Should I quit my job so I could pursue my passions full time?


I usually reply to my emails within the day. For these particular emails, it took me quite some time to reflect on them and reply.


Do you have the same question? Should you quit your job?


My quick answer is… “Don’t quit your job… yet!”


Finding your passion is just one part of the equation. The other parts of the equation are honing your passions,  monetizing them by serving others, AND preparing your finances.


Let’s face it. Money is a real issue. You may not like your job but at least it’s your bread and butter. You may not be passionate about your job but at least it pays for the bills.


It was as early as 2005 when I realized that being an employee was not for me. However, it was only in August 2013 when I finally quit my job so I could pursue my passions full time.


During those eight years, I did one thing.  It’s called PREPARATION. I defined my dream life and the kind of life I wanted to live. I planned how to achieve that kind of life. I did small steps every single day to make that dream a reality.


Finally, when I knew in my heart and mind that I was ready to quit my job, I took the plunge.  It’s been 7 months now since I quit my job so I can pursue my passions full time. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I thank God every day for the opportunity He gave me to do what I love to do every single day.


There’s no problem with being an employee if we love what we do. Work is good. In fact, work is a means through which we become better persons, feed our families, and serve society, as St.Josemaria Escriva put it.


The problem comes when we stay in a job mainly because of the salary even if our job is not in line with our passion and purpose in life. Another problem is when we have to abandon our dreams just because we can’t leave our bread and butter.


If you want to have the freedom to spend most of your time to do the things you truly love to do and with the people you love the most, you need to take care of your finances.


If you want to eliminate your financial worries so you could focus your energies on the more important aspects of life, you need to manage your finances well.


If you want to give better and more comfortable lives for your family, you need to learn how to keep and grow your money.


There are 9 things you need to do in order to turn around your finances and live the life you want…


Step #1. Define What Financial Success Means to You.

What does financial success mean to you?

Does it mean living in a big, beautiful house?

Does it mean driving a brand new, high-end car?

Does it mean becoming a multi-millionaire?

Does it mean having more than enough money so you could pursue what you truly love to do?

We have to know our financial goals so we would know the specific strategies we need to employ to achieve them.



Step #2. Define Your Big Why

Why do you want to succeed in your finances? What is your BIG WHY?

Your WHY will drive you to succeed. It will fuel you to take massive action in order to achieve your dreams.


Step #3. Live Within Your Means

It was George S. Clason, the author of the book The Richest Man in Babylon who said, “Live within your means and invest the difference.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re earning a 6-figure salary. If you’re living beyond your means, you will end up with a negative net worth.


These are just 3 of the 9 steps I shared in my latest book Money & Me.  


Inah, a college student
Inah, a college student, shared her thoughts about the book Money & Me


Ana shared her resolutions after reading the book Money & Me.

Ana shared her resolutions after reading the book Money & Me
Ana shared her resolutions after reading the book Money & Me


Jaizy received the books and sent me this note within a day or two.

Jaizy received the books and sent me this note within a day or two
Jaizy received the books and sent me this note within a day or two


If you are serious in turning around your finances so you can live the life you want, you’ve got to read the book Money & Me. I’m not saying this because I wrote the book. I am saying this because everything I shared in the book was something I’ve tried and tested in the past few years. I want to share them with you as well.


Save yourself from years of working hard and losing money. Give yourself and your family the gift of happiness, success, and peace of mind.


I wish you success and happiness!


Sha Nacino

P.S. We will deliver the books to you.

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