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What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid? 

January 24, 2015 1:00pm-5:00pm

Meralco Mini-theatre




August 20-23, 2014. We were in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I (Sha Nacino)  together with other toastmasters delegates from the Philippines, were so excited to attend the Toastmasters International Convention for the very first time. For the past 90 years, the annual conventions were held in North America. 2014 was the first time that the most prestigious convention in the Toastmasters Community all over the world was held in Asia.


There were so many exciting things we looked forward to. The World Championship of Public Speaking. The Plenary Speakers. The Keynote Speaker (Yes! There are many plenary speakers but there is only one keynote speaker). Meet toastmasters from Asia, America, Australia, Europe, South Africa.


There were 3,000 toastmasters delegates from 126 countries all over the world. Wow! Just Wow!


Then the keynote speaker started delivering his talk. You couldn’t help but be glued to his every word. He was very sincere and captivating. His name is Robin Sieger. He is an international bestselling author, wherein his books were translated into 18 languages. He’s a Scottish based in Europe.


He said, “One of the most important roles of a public speaker is to love the audience.”


The moment he said that, I told myself, “I like him as a public speaker. I wish more Filipinos could hear him speak. From now on, he’s my mentor.”


After his talk, I bought a copy of his bestselling book Natural Born Winners, lined up to get his autograph, and take a picture with him. I also gave him a copy of my latest book Money & Me.


That was it. Or so I thought.


A few weeks later, I received an email from the keynote speaker himself — Robin Sieger! I couldn’t believe it! He said he read my book Money & Me. He said great things about it. I was floored. Wow! Such a humble person! He is a very successful and sought-after speaker and author all over the world. He is a very busy man, but he actually took time to read my book and even send me an email about it!


And the best part??? He’s coming to Manila on January 2015! And you’ll have a chance to experience his expertise and charism in public speaking. But that’s getting ahead of the story.



The World of Toastmasters

I (Trixie Esguerra) used to be skeptical about the things I want in life because I thought that failure, pain & disappointment would be too difficult to handle.


I would always find myself self-handicapping until…


I joined Toastmasters 4 years ago.


I never thought that that night I stepped into their meeting room would be totally life-changing for me!


Toastmasters has allowed me to love myself and the people around me more and more, discover my talents, nurture my gifts and dream big! 


When I figured what was the biggest thing I had to do to make my dreams come true, I realized it was that one thing that everyone of us has. We are just too afraid to make use of it. Maybe because we are scared of how powerful we all can become once we have mustered some of this trait.


A few months ago, during the Toastmasters International Convention in Malaysia, a very good friend of mine, Sha Nacino, who understands that fortune favors the brave, went up to this Superstar and dared to ask him a question that no one from the  Philippines that I know of, did. The name of that Superstar is Robin Sieger. 


That momentous encounter bore a beautiful fruit that everyone of us can enjoy this coming January 2015.


Sha and I are fulfilling another dream very soon. All because of one thing.





What would you do if you were not afraid?


Weeks after the Toastmaster International Convention,  Trixie and I were in a cozy restaurant in Makati City. We were having brunch while discussing the “theme” of the seminar we’re organising for January 2015.


We suggested a number of themes. But these have already been tackled in the previous seminars either by us or by other seminar providers. What else? What is the major burning question of the majority that we would like to address?


During the course of our discussion, she suggested we check out Instagram with hashtags related to passion, purpose, and inspiration. One question caught our attention and it was this:


“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”


Trixie gamely posed the question to me and I was taken aback. It made me think. 


Hmmmm… What would I do if I were not afraid? 


I threw the question back to her and she, too, had to think really hard.


We smiled and agreed, this is it! Let’s address this burning question in our seminar!


Let me pose this question to you: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


Tricky and interesting question, isn’t it?



What Are You Afraid Of?


I guess the first question we need to ask ourselves is this: What are we afraid of?


Are you afraid to start a business because it might fail and you’ll lose your hard-earned money?


Are you afraid to speak in front because you might be laughed at?


Are you afraid to pursue painting or singing as a profession because it might not put food on the table?


Are you afraid to say I love you to your family or your friends because you might be tagged as mushy or corny?


Are you afraid to leave the job that you don’t love and pursue your real passions because you’re too afraid to get out of your comfort zone?


Are you afraid to love again because you’ve been deeply hurt before and you’re afraid to get hurt again?


Are you afraid to dream big because you don’t want to have false hopes?


Fear is normal. There is always something that each of us is afraid of.


Apparently, fear is the very same thing that paralyses us from pursuing our higher goals. Fear prevents us from pushing ourselves because we’re afraid to try and fail.


If you’re afraid of something, that’s okay. But don’t settle at your fears.


You are meant to live a happy, inspired, and meaningful life.


You are meant to live the life you want to live.


You are meant to receive the blessings grace delivers. 


But you have to face the thing that prevents you from achieving your dreams and becoming who you want to be.


You have to face your fears head on.


You are Invited to:

The Courage Conference


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Meet the Speakers




Trixie Esguerra_profile2 

Trixie Esguerra graduated from the University of the Philippines – Manila with a degree on Behavioral Sciences. She had her practicum in Clinical Psychology at the Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). A few years after graduating, she took the Marketing Diploma Program at the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, Ateneo Graduate School of Business.


She explored the wonders of the Philippine products as a Trade Industry Development Specialist during her one year stay at the Department of Trade and Industry’s Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions. 


Today, she enjoys running her own business called Wrap it Up! This store touches hearts with art. She currently manages two branches- Wrap It Up! Walter Mart Makati and Wrap It Up! Cash and Carry Makati. As an entrepreneur, she would frequently guest in local TV shows like Umagang Kay Ganda, Unang Hirit, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, ANC Shoptalk, and Kris TV.


Aside from passionately hosting corporate events and parties during weekends, Trixie gets invitations to speak to yuppies and College students about vision board and entrepreneurship. Her latest vision board seminar-workshop with over 280 Letranite students was a success!


With her online course under the Vision Board Institute, Trixie definitely enjoys her first hand experience on the subject matter. Day by day, she applies the Law of Attraction. H

er big goal is to travel the world and share the power of vision board one group at a time.




 Sha Nacino for Write a Book page


Sha Nacino took up Bachelor of Science in Business Economics in University of the Philippines, Diliman.


She is an author, a speaker, and a blogger. To date, she has written and published eight books. Her books were endorsed by some of the top personalities like international speaker Brian Tracy, Bo Sanchez, and Tony Meloto, among others.  


Sha used to be an employee for 9 years. Recently, she quit her job so she can pursue her passions in public speaking and writing full time. Today, she runs her own start-up company Write Conversations Publishing and Consultancy. She also serves as the Director for Innovations and Integrative Strategies of Institute for Integrality, Inc.  


Sha was featured in several publications such as Money Sense magazine, ANC On the Money, Kerygma magazine, GNN, etc.


She has spoken in some of the top companies in the Philippines like HSBC, Bayantel, Sunlife, Philamlife, etc. She was also recently invited to speak in government offices like Bureau of Immigration and Office of the President of the Philippines.


Sha is living her dreams. Her passion is her profession.


Sha believes that everyone has a story to share. One of Sha’s many passions is to help aspiring authors write their own books. If you dream of writing your own book, Sha can definitely help you. She’s is leading a 90-Day Book Writing Challenge that will start on Jan 12, 2015. Visit for more details.




Alex Lacson


Atty. Alex Lacson is the bestselling author of the book 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do for Our Country. He is a philanthropist and a top speaker on topics related to patriotism.


Some of the awards that our speaker has received are the following:

The Galing Pilipino Award for 2005,

The Young Filipino Achiever’s Award for 2006, given by Global Pinoy.

The Model Filipino award given by the Edsa People Power Commission in February 2009, and

The Best in Filipino award, an award in Linguistics given by M.I. International School in 2009.


With Atty. Lacson’s advocacies in our country, he is now being known to be more than just an author- he is a nation-builder.


After high school, he was granted a scholarship at the Philippine Military Academy. He studied in PMA for three years, and transferred to the University of the Philippines Diliman to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science. To be able to finance his studies at UP, he worked as a Professor’s Assistant during the day, and by night as a telemarketer.


After graduating, Atty. Alex enrolled in night classes at the University of the Philippines College of Law, and worked during the day. It was in 2002, when he set foot in the prestigious Harvard Law School to take his post graduate studies.


For seven years, he has served as a legal counsel of the United Nations Development Programme in the Philippines. He was also a columnist for the BusinessWorld. Currently, he serves on the board of trustees of World Vision (Philippines), Dilaab Foundation and Alay Buhay Foundation.


Atty. Alex is a former Lord Chancellor of Alpha Phi Beta at the U.P. College of Law, a member of Philippine Haggai, Couples For Christ, and the Rotary Club of the Philippines.


The founder and currently the chairman emeritus of Kabayanihan Foundation (KF) that seeks to promote the greatness of the Filipino and our Philippines through cultural transformation, Atty. Alex  also founded Team Pinoy, Inc. – a social enterprise that is committed to creating an empowered Filipino nation.


A champion debater and a sharpshooter- this and more of him at



Robin Sieger


Robin Sieger is an international speaker who has spoken successfully around the world, a best selling author who has sold his book, the Natural Born Winners, in over 80 countries, translated into 18 languages, and turned into a No. 1 rated television series for Scottish Television, Winners Robin Sieger is excited to see you, fellow Filipino Toastmasters and guests!



Robin was one of the first three speakers in the UK to be awarded a fellowship, in recognition of his achievements as a speaker by the Professional Speakers Association.

The only British speaker who was able to present on the main platform at the National Speakers Association in the USA at their national convention, Robin was also the highest rated external speaker by Microsoft in 2009 with 96% average rating throughout 5 global events.

With so many years as a BBC television producer, he was able to connect with audiences and hold their full attention for his presentations which are noted for content and laughter.


Should you decide to make time and see him on January 24, you will be one of those privileged people, like his clients namely BBC Television, Ford Motors Co, Microsoft,  IBM, Coca Cola, Nokia, Intercontinental Hotels, Sony, British Aerospace, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC Papa John, Macdonalds, Hewlett Packard, Unilever and many others, who will have this big opportunity of learning from him first-hand.

Definitely, you do not need to travel far to experience one of the most beautiful things life has to offer this 2015!  Robin is really excited and he cannot wait to share with you success and happiness!



 Yes, I want to attend

The Courage Conference!

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What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?



As Jim Carrey says,



Fear is going to be a player in your life.. but you decide how much. The decisions we make in this moment are based on either love or fear. 


So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. 


As you start 2015, let this Courage Conference give you the boost and inspiration to dare to conquer your fears and live a life with full enthusiasm.


Don’t let fears limit your growth. Live to your fullest potential. Live the life you’re meant  to live.


This is a Conference-for-a Cause. All the net proceeds for this seminar will go to Anawim, a home-for-the aged founded by Bo Sanchez.



Together, let’s face and conquer our fears.



Let our passion be greater than our fear.



Let our love to live a happy, inspired, and meaningful life be greater than your fears.



The key word is love (I don’t mean love life, although that may help). We mean love for life, love for the people around you, love for pursuing your calling and blessing a lot of people in return. Love. Because the only antidote to fear is love. And love casts out all fears.



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The Courage Conference!

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Limited Seats Only


This Conference is limited to 150 seats only! We suggest you register asap to secure your slots.


To register, please click here. Then kindly deposit your payment within 2 working days.


We wish you success and happiness!


If, out of the goodness of your heart, you would like to pay more than the ticket price, that would be much appreciated! All the net proceeds of this seminar will go to Anawim.



Sha Nacino


Author, Money & Me



Trixie Esguerra

Entrepreneur, Wrap It Up

Vision Board Enthusiast




 Yes, I want to attend

The Courage Conference!

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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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