Let me tell you about my friend Jhet van Ruyven.

I first read her story in Kerygma magazine. I learned that she lived in a very poor one-room household and with no running water. She used to sell kakanin at Matabungkay Beach and she would see airplanes.

She told herself, “Someday, I would like to ride an airplane.”

Fast forward to today. Her wish came true. She has traveled to practically all the continents of the world. She wrote the book The Tale of Juliet sometime in 2005 and it became an instant hit! Because of that, she was awarded The People of the Year in 2005.

She has met and she has been mentored by many of the high profile international speakers in the world like Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, etc.

But what really drew me to her was that she met Mother Teresa in person!

The moment I read that part in Kerygma magazine, I searched for her on Facebook. I told her I wanted to meet her someday.

My dream of meeting her came true when she went home to Manila to speak to thousands of people during the Kerygma Conference. Since then, we became friends.


We did a seminar together last January 2014 at AIM Conference Center and it was attended by around 300 people.

Do you know that Jhet will travel all the way from Canada to join us on October 15? Wow! I hope you won’t let this great opportunity of meeting someone so successful and so inspiring pass.

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To those who’ve already registered for the seminar, thank you very much! See you on October 15!

Secure your seats now at http://bit.ly/register101516 before it’s too late!

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

P.S. Your registration comes with a complimentary autographed copy of the book M.0ney&Me.

Secure your seats now at http://bit.ly/register101516 before it’s too late!
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