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I was browsing Facebook a few days ago when an article from caught my attention.

It involved two brothers who were allegedly arrested because they were involved in a Php500M scam. About a hundred people were scammed, including businessmen, policemen, and security guards.


Have you ever been scammed?

In my books and in my previous emails, I shared that I was once buried in credit card debts. Debts that took me 3 years to zero out.

Reason? I didn’t know how to manage my finances. I was financially ignorant.

But I’ve committed more stupid mistakes that cost me a 6-digit figure.

I’ve never really shared this to anyone yet. But I am sharing it now because I don’t want you to experience the same.

Sometime in 2008, I met someone in a seminar. We clicked in an instant. We also met other people in the seminar and the five of us clicked. We would meet every Tuesday to talk about our dreams and goals and talk about the seminars we would like to attend.

This particular person was very generous. She would treat our group to snacks or lunch or dinner. She was also very nice. That’s why when she invited me to invest in her travel agency, I didn’t think twice. She earned my trust.

She told me I’ll earn 10% per month and our agreement will be covered by post-dated cheques (PDCs) and notarised contracts.

Because I trusted my “friend,” I invested P20k. In a month, I earned P2k.

I increased the amount to P50k, then P100k.

Later on, I increased my investment to P200k. I was confident because I trusted my “friend”, we had notarized contracts, and I had her PDCs.

I could still clearly remember one bright sunny afternoon. I was island hopping with my friends in Palawan when I received a call from my bank. Year was 2009.

“Hi, Ms. Nacino. The cheque you deposited last Friday bounced.”

Uh oh! I called up my “friend” and the answer I got was, “The number cannot be reached.”

I tried to call her several times but I got the same automated response.

I felt as if my heart was crushed. The butterflies in my stomach were flying in all directions I wanted to pass out.

My “friend” fled with my money! And I was so clueless and so naive!

Later on, I learned that two of our common friends were also scammed to the tune of millions.

Ouch! Super ouch! Sobrang sakit! Sobrang sakit pala maloko!

Na-experience mo na ba maloko? Ang sakit di ba?

I was hurt. I felt betrayed. I felt stupid. I lost P200k!

I was scammed…big time! Financially and emotionally!

I cried over it for several days. (I learned to forgive myself for making that stupid mistake and to forgive my “friend” for scamming me.)

My ignorance cost me a 6-figure amount, guilt, sleepless nights, and even my self-esteem.

That experience taught me that financial ignorance is very, very expensive.

That is why when that happened, I invested in my financial education even more.

In 2010, I joined the Truly Rich Club where I get regular and constant guidance from Bo Sanchez. Come to think of it, had I joined the TrulyRichClub much earlier, I wouldn’t have been scammed.

You see, aside from the Stocks updates and Power Talks that Bo sends every month, he also sends pieces of advice on how to avoid scams. Just like the article below.

Please….don’t be a victim of scams.

The best way to combat scam is through FINANCIAL EDUCATION. And Financial Education is exactly what the TrulyRichClub gives.

Don’t join Truly Rich Club if you don’t want to invest in your financial education.

Don’t join Truly Rich Club if you don’t want guidance on how to invest in the stock market.

Don’t join Truly Rich Club if you don’t want to be happier and more positive.

But if you are ready to change your financial life and provide a brighter and wealthier future for you and your family, then join us at the TrulyRichClub.

Yes, I want a wealthier and happier future for me and my family.
Click the link above.

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino
Author & Speaker
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  1. Great reminder, Sha!

    For anyone who’s been scammed, make the effort to file a bouncing check case against them. Issuing a bouncing check is a criminal offense. This creates a public record, warning other people against dealing with this person.

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