Have you always wanted to put up your own blog?


I started blogging sometime in 2008 or 2009. At that time, I was already falling in love with writing. I thought blogging was a logical thing to do so I could share my ideas to the world.


It was my friend, Jay Castillo of ForeclosurePhilippines.com, who inspired me to take blogging seriously. Nope, he didn’t tell me to blog but his blog spoke to me so loudly that I decided to follow his footsteps.


I learned that whenever Jay posts an article in his blog, this is being read by thousands of people. Not only that, his blog has been helping a lot of people. Instead of going to the banks to ask for the listing of foreclosed properties, you can just visit Jay’s blog and find the listings from different banks.


Indeed, a blog can be so powerful and useful!


Today, my blog www.SeminarPhilippines.com has done wonders!


It helped me become a better writer. It helped me communicate my message to the world. Whenever I post an article, I would receive a number of emails and comments from all over the place.  Many of them expressed their gratitude saying my articles inspired them. I also learned that whenever I post an article, this is being read by thousands of people all over the world.


One reader of my blog also invited me to speak before a group of  parents in Aklan. In short, my blog allowed me to travel to Aklan for free, give a talk to a group of 350 parents, and make a side trip to Boracay. I and the person who invited me are now friends. Hi Ate Nikki! Hi Ms. Megs! 🙂


My blog also helped me as an author. This is where I would usually launch my books and eBooks. It has become a platform. I didn’t need to create a seminar or an event to launch my books/eBooks. All I needed to do was create an article and post it in my blog.


Why You Should Put Up a Blog


If you’re a Leader, an Author, a Wanna-be Author, a Speaker, a Toastmaster, a Parent who wants to leave a legacy to his/her children, an OFW, a citizen who wants to express his/her ideas, or someone who wants to share something to the word, YOU SHOULD HAVE A BLOG!


Okay, kindly allow me to repeat it in case you didn’t hear it.


My friend, you should start your own blog!


It took me years to understand the world of blogging.  Up until today, I’m still learning.


Today, I want to share with you 5 simple steps on how you can create your professional blog in less than 30 minutes! Oh yes, I’m not kidding!


Step 1: Why do you want to blog?

Understand the reason why you want to blog. Is it just for fun? Is it something you want to do today and forget about tomorrow? Is it your way of leaving a dent in the universe?
If you’re not yet serious about blogging, you may try www.blogger.com. It’s a free resource where you can create your own blog. The hosting is free as well. That’s what I used when I was starting out. If I sound technical, don’t worry, I’ll explain what hosting means later. 🙂


If you’re serious about blogging, then you should consider putting up your professional blog.


My article today is about how to put up your own PROFESSIONAL BLOG in less than 30 minutes and at the least cost possible.


Step 2: Get a Hosting.


What is a hosting?

Imagine a personal computer. You have a monitor and you have CPU. The monitor is where you view the files. The CPU is where the files are stored.

In the same way, the hosting is where your blog files are stored.

If CPU is where your OFFLINE files are stored, HOSTING is where your ONLINE files are stored.

If you want a professional blog and you’re serious about it, I recommend that you get a paid hosting. You would want to own your own blog files, wouldn’t you?

There are many hosting available online. If you want a reliable and affordable hosting, I highly recommend Siteground, the same host I use to run this blog and my official website http://www.shanacino.com


Prior to using Siteground, I was using a different Hosting and it served me well for about 5 years. However, on my 6th year, I’ve encountered so many problems. Malwares, bugs, etc. which caused downtime for my sites.


Thus, I shifted to SiteGround upon the recommendation of a friend. I love SiteGround! It’s so easy to use. The security level is high. And their 24/7 chat facility is so friendly and efficient.


It means that whenever I need assistance, I just chat with a SiteGround customer service, real time.


You can host multiple domain names. Okay, I’ll explain what a domain name means in Step 3.


You can choose from the 3 options below: 



My SiteGround plan is GrowBig so I can host multiple domains.


If you’re ready to start your professional blog, go ahead and sign up for your hosting. Just access SiteGround here.


Siteground is offering a 70% DISCOUNT from September 1-5, 2017. To take advantage of their offer, simply go to seminarphilippines.com/siteground or simply click the image below. 

Step 3: Buy Your Own Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your blog. The domain name of my blog is SeminarPhilippines.com.


How would you decide what domain name to buy? It depends on the topic you’d like to write about in your blog. I chose SeminarPhilippines because I initially designed my blog as a place where I share my notes from the different seminars I’ve attended.


If you’re unsure yet what domain name to choose, buy the domain of your own name.


For instance, I bought ShaNacino.com


You’d be surprised to know affordable a domain name is. Domain name ranges from USD7.99 to USD14.95 a year. This is renewable every year.


The good news is, SiteGround comes with one FREE domain name.

When you sign up to your SiteGround account, you can register one new domain for free. Please see the screen shot above.


Note: If you have an existing domain, you may choose I already have a Domain. However, I suggest that you avail of the free domain. Then just transfer your current domain and current hosting to SiteGround. SiteGround can do all the heavy lifting for you as regards domain and hosting transfer. 



Step 4: Install WordPress.org

WordPress.org is a platform or a program for blogs. I’m trying to define it as simple as possible to avoid confusion. 🙂


All my websites and blogs run on WordPress.org. Remember my friend Jay Castillo? His blog www.ForeclosurePhilippines.com also runs on WordPress.org. 


Jay is my good friend and he is my go-t0 guy when I need some expert advice on blogging.


Once you bought your own domain name, install WordPress. Just log in to your cPanel account, then go to WordPress tool (under the Autoinstallers section), and install WordPress.


Or, you may simply chat with SiteGround via the Live Chat and they can do it for you. 


Take a look at my conversation with SiteGround just now. I asked them how I can install WordPress for one of my blogs. The representative went the extra mile of offering to do it for me. 

That’s it! Now we’re down to the last step.


Step 5: Start Blogging.


Hosting? Check!

Domain name? Check!

WordPress.org? Check!

Now you’re ready to create your very first blog post. 


If along the way, you encounter nosebleed, err, technical difficulty, just go to SiteGround’s 24/7 Chat Facility. Their customer service representatives are very efficient and friendly.


Just click the LIVE CHAT at the upper right


Easy, isn’t it? I love to simplify things. I’m a big picture person and once I understand the big picture, it’s easy for me to break it down to simple and doable steps.

I look forward to seeing your blogs!

Did this post help you? I’d love to hear from you! Please share this post and leave comments. 🙂 

I wish you success and happiness!


Sha Nacino
Author & Speaker
P.S. Siteground is offering a 70% DISCOUNT from September 1-11, 2017. To take advantage of their offer, simply go to seminarphilippines.com/siteground or simply click the image below. 

*** If you wish to invite Sha Nacino to speak in your company, school, or events, kindly email Sha at seminarphilippines.com or visit ShaNacino.com.

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Sha Nacino

Disclaimer: I wrote this article to the best of my knowledge and ability. I don’t know everything. The products and services I recommended are something that I’ve researched, tried, and tested.  Some of the links are affiliate links. 


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