Merry Christmas! 🙂


What is the best Christmas gift you can give yourself? 


I can still remember that day. I attended a whole day seminar. The speaker said, 

“If you want to spread a message and make some money, you record an album, you write a book, and blah blah blah.”

All throughout the day, the words, “Sha, write a book!” kept ringing in my ears. 

I felt very uncomfortable. I had so many hesitations.

I was not a writer.

I didn’t like to write. 

I didn’t know how to write a book.

I didn’t know where to start. 

I felt I was too young to write a book. 

I didn’t know anyone from the publishing industry.

No one knew me. 


I wanted to discard the idea. But I felt it was God telling me, “Sha, you need to write that book.”


You see, I was once buried in credit card debts. And then I started to read books on money. I started to attended financial management seminars and seek mentors. I applied what I was learning and finally, after three years, I was able to zero out my debts. I was able to save and invest. 


I felt it was my moral obligation to share how to zero out credit card debts and help people who were in the same situation. And the book was the best way to spread the message. 


Where do I start? How do I start? Who do I talk to? 


I was totally clueless. So here’s what I did.


First, I had to learn how to write a book. I went to National Book Store, looked at the list of bestselling books, read a couple of them, and analysed what made them bestsellers. Why are Bo Sanchez’s books bestsellers? Why do people love reading his books? How did he start each paragraph? How did he title his books? What topics did he write about? What was his tone of voice?

Second, I had to study how to produce a book. How to get ISBN. Should I self-publish or should I look for a publisher? I learned I also needed an editor, a graphics artist, a layout artist, etc. 

Third, I had to learn how to publish a book. 

I had to do my research, ask around, go to the National Library, google the information, call up some people, visit National Book Store and Fully Booked, and so on!

Believe me, it was a looooot of hard work! 

There were days when I woke up and asked myself, “Okay, what do I do next?”


And because of that, it took me 3 years to write and publish my first ever book! A far contrast from the pace of the successful graduates of my 90-Day Book Writing Challenge who finished writing their books in 90 days!


Some of them even finished writing their books in less than 90 days! 


Donalie “Dona” Vicuna joined The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge 1.0. She followed the system, did her part, and she was able to write her book Once a Teacher, Always a Titser in just 30 days! Her book is now a required reading in their school.

The world needs your book!


Join The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge here.

It took me 3 looooong years to write and publish my first book. But you don’t have to go through all those years. Because there’s The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge at your service. 


My friend, YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT. Your story is important. The world needs your book. And the sooner you write your book, the better.


I am here to help you. I can teach you how to write a book in 90 days…even if you’re not a writer.


I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

Asia’s Book Writing Coach. Founder, The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge

P.S. The biggest challenge I had back in 2008 when I started to write my first book was there were no courses or seminars on How to Write a Book then. It was so hard not to know what to do next, who to ask, what to ask. It was so hard to be clueless. 

You don’t have to go through that pain. Maybe the reason why I had to go through those three challenging years writing and publishing my first book was so that I would develop a systematic way of writing a book and share it with you.

And this is what The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge offers.

P.P.S. But you have to act fast. Registration to The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge will close on November 30! Make this a Christmas gift for yourself and make your book your gift to the world!

Author Fatima Acuna wrote a book that would help OFWs go home for good. 

Author Malou del Castillo wrote The Career Roadmap to help employees with their career decisions. 

Everything you need to know about how to write a book, how to publish a book, and how to market and sell your book is there! And I’ve made the course so simple and so easy to follow. 

It’s all here —> Your Gateway to Writing Your Dream Book!


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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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