How are you?


Have you heard about the Brighter World program of Sunlife Foundation in partnership with The Spark Project?

Last Saturday, I joined a one-day bootcamp for the finalists of Brighter World program.


There were over 50 entries for the Brighter World program and from those entries, 20 finalists were chosen to give their pitch. My entry was a finalist and so I was invited to join the one-day bootcamp in preparation for the pitch which will happen after the Holy Week. The bootcamp aims to orient us more on what the program is about as well as teach us how to pitch.


Last Saturday was an “aha” experience for me.


Aha! There are so many organizations that fund projects!

Aha! That is a good idea!

Aha! Now I know how to pitch!


For example, I met a young guy who was also a finalist for the program. He is building an app related to financial literacy. Okay, I won’t share details about the app because I am not in the position to say so. 🙂 The bootcamp was whole day but he said he had to leave by 4pm because he was going to pitch another project to this particular Tech Event. Plus, last year, his pitch was chosen and he was granted a 7-figure amount to fund his project. Wow!


Why am I sharing this with you?

It’s because you’ll never know what’s possible until you go out of your comfort zone.


I wouldn’t have learned that there’s this world of “grants” if I didn’t submit an entry. I wouldn’t have met this young guy if I didn’t join the bootcamp. I wouldn’t have learned the art of pitching if I didn’t join the program.


I encourage you to attend seminars, events and meet ups. You’ll never know what you will learn and who you will meet. 🙂 


I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Book Writing Coach

I hope to see you in one of our seminars! 🙂

We will have the Mission Happiness Conference on April 14, 2018 (Saturday) from1pm-5pm at Ortigas Foundation Library.

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✅How to stay happy and inspired everyday
✅How to beat depression
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Individual rate: P997 only!
Buddy rate: P797 per person
Group of 5 or more : P597 per person

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