How are you? Hope you are smiling as you are reading this. Have you ever climbed a mountain?


Two weeks ago, my friends and I climbed Mt. Ulap. It’s 1,846 meters above sea level or as high as a 615 storey-building. The climb/walk/crawl is about 9 kilometers long and 9-10 hours to traverse.


Our tour guide led us to do the reverse traverse. It meant, we started where the trekkers would usually end and end where the trekkers would usually start.


Prior to joining the climb, I thought it was just a fun 3-hour climb. I got the surprise of my life when I learned that it would take us 9-10 hours to climb and descend the three mountain peaks, the highest peak being Mt. Ulap. Whoa! The first 20 minutes was the hardest. I was breathing heavily and so fast because the steps were so steep. 60 degrees. I thought it would get easier but nope, every step was a struggle.


But once we were up at the peak of Mt. Ulap, the view, the sun, the company, the experience — everything was worth it. It was sooooooo beautiful.


Climbing Mt. Ulap taught me something so beautiful. It taught me how to be fully present in the moment.


I realized I’ve never really fully understood what it meant to “be fully present in the moment” until I climbed Mt. Ulap. To be fully present in the moment means you are 100% there. But oftentimes, we day dream or we worry about other things, right? That only meant we were not fully present.


After 10 hours of trek, when I got down, I asked myself, “Did I even think of work even for just a moment while I was up in the mountain and even while I was descending?” The answer was ‘nope.’


For the past 9-10 hours, I was fully present in the moment. I was mindful of the soil or rocks I was stepping in. I was fully aware of who I was with. I immersed myself in the experience and I took in all the beauty I was seeing — the sky, the sun, the trees, the clouds, the cows on top of the mountain, the rocks. I was listening to and enjoying the conversations my friends and I were having. And I ate my food with so much gusto.



Wow! That’s how it felt to be fully present in the moment. After the 9-10 hours of trek/climb/crawl/walk, my body was sore but my mind was so relaxed.


This is a beautiful challenge for us — to learn how to be fully present in the moment. How?

Here are a few suggestions on how to be fully present:


  • When you are in the office, work with full focus. One way to stay focused is to use the Pomodoro technique. Here’s a short video to discuss how to use the pomodoro technique. 

  • When you are talking with someone, put down your phone and listen intently to the person in front of you. Look at him/her in the eye and make him/her feel important. 


  • When you eat,  savor the food. How’s the taste? How’s the texture? the aroma? Eat as if eating is your most important task at that particular moment.


  • Meditate and stay silent, even for just a few minutes. At night, find a quiet place to sit down. Set your phone alarm for 15 minutes and for the next 15 minutes, allow your mind to not think about anything. Focus on your breathing. And just let your mind relax.


Alright! Those are a few suggestions. Do you have any other suggestions? Kindly feel free to share in the comments. 


Have a beautiful week ahead!


I wish you success and happiness!


Sha Nacino


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