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How would you like to travel to your dream destination for free?

Let me share with you a little secret about how you can get round trip tickets for free!

Last December 2017, I went on an all-expense paid trip to Dubai, plus a professional fee for my speaking engagement. I was with my best friend, her mom, and her mom’s best friends. There were five of us. But that’s not the secret I’m talking about.

Here’s our photo at Dubai Desert Safari.

The five of us loved Dubai so much we wanted to stay longer. In our flight back from Dubai to Manila, our friend AS, who’s based in Dubai, told us that the flight was overbooked and the airline would need to bump off some passengers. The airline’s term is DB or “denied booking.”

We wanted to be bumped off because it meant we can be given free round-trip tickets as incentives.

Guess what? We were bumped off! And these were our exciting rewards:

So this year, November 2018, the five of us, plus Tita Peggy’s mother, went back to Dubai.

I did some research and I learned that airlines would usually overbook passengers. If all the passengers showed up, they would need to bump off some passengers and reward those passengers that were denied booking.
So that’s the secret. Fly during peak season, check if your airline is fully booked and if there’s a chance that you will be denied boarding. Then ask what are the perks.

Here are 3 lessons I’d like to point out from that experience.

Lesson 1: Declare your goals….
As we were walking to the check-in counter, we were telling our friend AS how much we loved Dubai and how much we would have wanted to stay for one more day or maybe just a few more hours. That was just a wishful thinking for us.

Guess what?! Our wishful thinking was granted!

Lesson 2: Declare your goals…to the right person(or the right people)
There’s another thing I’d like to point out from the story. I’ve been traveling since 2005 and that was the first time I learned that you can be bumped off and get free tickets. We were just so blessed because we were with AS. AS works for an airline company. He was the one who shared the information about free tickets when your boarding is denied.
Lesson 3: Your time is valuable.
The airline knew how to value the time of their passengers. For being bumped off for just a few hours, they gave us something that cost them a lot of money, much more than what we paid for.
In the same way, your time is so valuable, it’s more valuable than money. Once it’s gone, you can never earn it back unlike money which you can always earn back.
2018 is about to end and we’re about to enter 2019. Your 2019 is important. Make it count. Make 2019 your best year ever! And I can definitely help you through the Goal Setting Blueprint 2019 self-study online course.

Yes! I want to make 2019 my best year ever!

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

P.S. Our FREE round trip tickets to Dubai were largely a factor of luck. We just got lucky! 🙂

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