​Happy Tuesday! 🙂 


How are you? Last Saturday, I attended the quarterly closed-door mastermind meeting with Bro. Bo Sanchez and the TrulyRichClub mentors. He led the group to annual planning. Here’s something I learned from him, as echoed by my friend Maan. 


Review your 2018 and list down the positive and negative things that happened to you. Then do more of the positive and less of the negative. 


I loved it because it’s pretty much the same with what we do. To make this year our best year ever, we need to write down our Gratitude and Gold. Gratitude means the blessings or the positive things that happened to us while Gold means the lessons you learned or the lessons learned from the negative things that happened to us. 


Gratitude. I love waking up in the morning thanking God for His goodness. On a daily basis, I have my own “Gratitude Party, Gratitude Walk, and Gratitude Journal.”


On New Year’s eve, I also review how my previous year went and I list down everything I’m grateful for. Here’s my Gratitude List for 2018. How does your Gratitude List for 2018 look like? 


What’s your word of the year? 

Here’s another thing I learned from Bro. Bo Sanchez. He shared with us how we can get our “Word of the Year.” To find your word of the year, just go to http://wordoftheyear.me


My word of the year is LOOK. I pray that I may see who and what God wants me to see this 2019. 🙂 


Go ahead, check yours. The funny thing is, the app generates random word of year for everyone. I asked my fellow Platinum members last Saturday what their respective words of the year were and whether the words resonated with them and they all said YES!


If you’re on Instagram, you can share your word of the year here https://www.instagram.com/p/BskjO6iAXcO/


Hope you are having a happy and exciting week! 🙂


And oh, before I forget, here are my gifts for you. 


Feel free to download what you need. 

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I wish  you success and happiness! 🙂


Sha Nacino

P.S. ​My friend Karen Hipol sent me this:

Love is most ambiguous, and yet most universal. We’ve all experienced Love. We give and receive Love, to our families, to a special someone, to God. One month from now, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, a day not only to celebrate with a special someone, but also to remind us of what Love is all about. Come and celebrate Love with the breath-taking performances of Douglas Nierras Powerdance in their 30th Anniversary concert entitled, “The Filipino Heart and Soul in Love, Mga Sayaw ng Puso at Kaluluwa Pa Rin”. For more details see the poster below…..

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Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on gratitude, happiness, and productivity. She is the founder of the HR Summit Global™, Overseas Filipinos Summit™, and Global Authors Summit™. She enjoys writing books, giving talks, and teaching people how to write books through her 90-Day Book Writing Challenge which she shares at shanacino.com/write
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