Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hope you had a beautiful one.

Last Saturday, I gave a talk on The Power of Giving to a group of financial advisors. Right after my talk, I proceeded to Saisaki to meet some of the new students of my online course The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge. They were the ones who enrolled on Day 1 when I opened the registration.

Here’s our group photo which I grabbed from Jonas’ FB.



I was so amazed at everyone.

Jonas is an OFW based in Oman who happens to be on vacation in the Philippines. He traveled by bus from Tuguegarao City for 15 hours and another 15 hours going home. A total of 30 hours! Woah! He is The Feast Team Leader in Oman (The Feast is founded by Bo Sanchez).

Violy is a school teacher based in China who happens to be on vacation in the Philippines. She traveled all the way from Nueva Ecija to make it to our lunch.

Beah is a toastmaster from Baguio and yes, she traveled all the way from Baguio.

Mark is also a Toastmaster from Bulacan, and yes, he came all the way from Bulacan.

Miracle is a young mom who brought her very cute 1-year old daughter Mita. She was also with her supportive husband.

Why am I sharing this?

Two things:

1. Success has a price. It requires sacrifice, dedication, and commitment. I honor Jonas, Violy, Beah, Mark, and Miracle for traveling from their respective places for more than 15 hours for a 2-hour lunch! Sounds crazy and impractical, right? 

I understood them because last October 2018, I also flew to Singapore for one agenda: attend a dinner meeting with global speakers. My gosh! That was a very expensive trip. Haha! But I was willing to pay the price.

What is it that you really want? What are you willing to put in to get what you want? 

About two weeks ago, someone approached me (let’s call her Neg) and said,

“Ms. Sha, I’m sick and tired of my job in the call center. I don’t like the night shift. I don’t like my boss. I don’t like my officemates. I only go to work because I have debts to pay and of course, I need money. What I really want is to put up a business.”

I asked her if she has read (or if she is planning to read) any book on money management or career or entrepreneurship. Or if she’s attended (or planning to attend seminars) on any of these topics.

“Oh, not really. I don’t have time for that. Plus, it’s expensive.” She replied.

She felt she’s in a hopeless situation and the best thing she can do was to whine and talk about what she didn’t like. She was not willing to put in the time and money to invest in what she really wants.

Don’t be like Neg. Know what you want and be willing to pay the price now so you can enjoy long-term.

2. Success requires humility.

Our buffet lunch was filled with laughter. Like what Jonas shared in his post, it was as if we’ve already known each other for years. It was really an informal buffet lunch. I just wanted to meet them up close. I was listening most of the time and laughing with them.

When I started saying something very casual, I was surprised and amazed at their response. They brought out their pens and notebooks and started taking down notes — while in the middle of buffet!

Wow! What a level of humility they displayed.

Success requires humility. I honestly believe you have that trait? Why? Because you are reading this email newsletter. That is a display of humility. You’re willing to listen, to learn, to be inspired. 

Know that I am sending you this newsletter out of love. I just love to share. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying this. 

That’s it for today

Remember, success requires sacrifice and humility.

I wish you success and happiness!


Sha Nacino

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