money and me

Money & Me

Turn Around Your Finance and Live the Life You Want

Finally, a book that will help solve your financial worries.


how to make your dreams come true

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

This book shows you how to unlock your full potential for successful living.”
– Brian Tracy
Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author of over 50 books

In this book, I will show you exactly what I did to travel to my dream places in Europe and other interesting places, to get my own place, to meet people who share my passion, to write books and share the stage with great speakers, and many more!

These steps were very simple, doable, and most importantly, effective! Yet oftentimes, we take them for granted. Let this book help you achieve your dreams faster.


how to earn while on vacation

How to Earn while on Vacation

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • How to earn without rendering overtime or getting a second job
  • How to go on vacation for as long as you want…and continue earning
  • How to make money work for you
  • How to get paid doing what you LOVE to do

The secret is what Sha Nacino will share with you in her eBook, How to Earn While On Vacation.  Sha has the right perspective in life.  Take on this paradigm and you too will go places!

–  Foreword by Bo Sanchez, #1 Best-Selling Author of 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich


how to write a book

How to Write a Book

Have you always wanted to write your own book?

If you’ve always wanted to write your own book but you’re confused where or how to start, worry no more.

Let this eBook help you write your very own book.

Unleash the author in you!


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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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