Invest in Your Greatest Asset

I believe that we should invest in our greatest asset, ourselves.


When it comes to learning, I carefully choose which books to read, which seminars to attend, which online clubs to join, and who to listen to.


I’ve been a member of Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club for three years now! Wow!


I could say that it has blessed me financially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


Here’s the summary of what I regularly receive from Truly Rich Club:

  1. 2 PowerTalks every month (instant access via MP3)
  2. Bo’s Success Mentors Collection (1 every 3 months for 1 Year)–FREE
  3. WealthStrategies newsletters every month–FREE
  4. Daily GodWhispers Email–FREE
  5. How To Be Truly Rich Seminar–FREE
  6. How To Conquer Your Goliath Ebook–FREE
  7. How To Turn Thoughts Into Things EbookFREE
  8. Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market…And Why You Should Too.–FREE
  9. Stocks Update. –FREE

Every morning, I would listen to one or two of his talks. I immersed myself in his teachings. After listening to his talks over and over again, I became more positive. I became more aggressive towards my dreams yet remain gentle as a person.


If you’re thinking on improving yourself and your finances, I highly recommend joining Truly Rich Club.  So far, I think this is the best online learning club at the lowest possible cost.


To know more about Truly Rich Club, click HERE.  

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Sha Nacino is one of the most sought-after Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is the bestselling author of the books Money&Me, Mission Happiness, plus 7 other books. Sha is the founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge where she helps first time authors write their books. She also writes for Bo Sanchez's TrulyRichClub newsletters. She regularly gives talks on Personal Finance, Happiness, Purpose, Success Principles, etc. If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company or events, visit or email her at

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  • Richie

    Hi Sha.

    I just found out about your site thru allan innocente, and i am looking forward to the free e book. Many thanks.

    Also, I hope you can help me re truly rich club. I am also a member, but i haven’t received most of the items you listed above—only received godwhispers and ebook.

    I do not know their email ad or phone. If you have, pls share.

    Thank you.


  • michael angelo

    Hi Sha,

    My name is Michael Angelo I am so impressed with this blog and your accomplishments. I am also an aspiring writer and author. I also got some draft of my literature that I have plans of publishing soon enough but I would love to learn more. I believe that I will be truly successful writer if I will learn it from the people in the field who has been there and done that. However I hope you also got a hard bound copy of your book, because I am an old school guy, a traditional book worm that loves books and reading them physically. Even though I have thousands of them at home and I don’t even know where to place them I even got them in my bathroom. Seriously speaking, I understand why you made it as an E book. But I would like to see a hard copy too if you have one I understand that printing must be costly and will take years to publish. But I believe… you will be more successful with a hard copy of your precious books. Just like Bro. Bo who became a great success with his hard copy books. Hey, I have no intentions of saying that E books are not good they are definitely. 100% I can I sure you that. But I just love a hard copy. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    In Prosperity,

    Michael Angelo Roque

    P.S. In case you have one please let me know so that I can hunt them down in the nearest bookstore near by. thanks.

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