• Bo Sanchez Wealth Summit with Miriam Quiambao

    Bo Sanchez’ Wealth Summit 2013: Highlights

      It’s been almost a week since Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit 2013 took place in PICC but I could still feel the happy entrepreneurial spirit it brought me.   Bo Sanchez’ Wealth Summit was attended by over 600 participants — some of them came all the way from Baguio, Cebu, Brunei, Abu Dhabi, and other countries. There were two Catholic priests who attended the event, an Ambassador, a Pastor.   Here’s the line-up of speakers:   Miriam Quiambao, former Beauty Queen who is now a real estate investor Dean Pax Lapid, AIM Professor, Author, Entrepreneur Edward Lee, founder of COL Financial (more popularly known as Citiseconline) Mike Vinas, Director, Stocks Updates…