Three Things I Discovered about Happiness that Awed Me

How are you? What does happiness mean to you? When I was much younger, happiness to me means achieving my goals, getting what I want, being treated well, etc. As I grow, I realized what real happiness means. Lately, I’ve experienced three setbacks that made me appreciate what real happiness is. Setback #1: When I got home […]

2017 Year In Review: Gratitude List

In 2 days, we will officially end 2017 and welcome 2018. Time flies!   Before anything else, I have a gift for you! I wrote a guide on How to Set Goals for 2018. You can download it for free here.   One of the tips I shared in that guide is to write down […]

Paano Ba Mag-move on pag Heart-Broken Ka?

Whew! The title is in Tagalog and it talks about “How to Move On.”   If you’ve read my blogs, you would notice that this is not my usual post. Haha!   A few days ago, Jhet van Ruyven told me:  “Sha, let’s shoot some videos. Ask me anything.”  (Yes, Jhet arrived in Manila all the […]

How a Call Center Agent Became a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you want to be your own boss?   Do you plan to have a business of your own?   If this is your dream, I have one word for you. It is possible!   My friend KC Macapagal used to work as a Call Center agent for two years! Today, he is a successful […]

Seminar: How to Achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS So You Can Pursue Your Passions!

Do you want to get rid of your credit card debts?   Are you tired of working hard day in and day out, yet money is never enough?   Do you want to have more time and money to pursue your real interests?   If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then […]

Your Greatest Asset! (Hint: It’s not Money)

I’ll keep this article short and sweet! 🙂   Next month will be my birth month. I’m turning 30! Haha! Time flies! 🙂   I want to do something really special this coming October. It’s something that most of you have requested from me in the past. I’ve been wanting to do it but I […]

Be Aggressive yet Loving and Gentle

It was October 2008 when I first attended the Feast in Valle Verde. It was also my first time to see Bo Sanchez in person. Star struck was an understatement. I was awed at his skill in speaking. After listening to his talk, I felt rejuvenated. He had a cheerful disposition, a breath of fresh […]

Moment with the CEO

HSBC Philippines CEO Tony Cripps

The cafeteria was jampacked with employees from the different departments of the bank. Everyone was eager to witness the first run of our company’s so-called Career Express. It’s like a career fair within the company. In my estimate, there were about 100-150 attendees.   I was seated in the crowd when our big bosses –SVPs […]

I Met the Maid Who Invests in the Stock Market

As promised, I’m going to share with you my notes during the Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit 2013.   During the Wealth Summit, I met a number of inspiring people.   I met Ivy Dela Cruz, a simple and humble woman who was once a sales lady. As a sales lady, she only had one […]

The Ultimate Solution to Our Money Problems

I just came from the Summer Capital of the Philippines.   Centralized air conditioner in the whole city (Brrrr!!! It was sooo cold out there!), colorful Panagbenga floats, and beautiful green scenery delighted the child in me! It always feels so good to be on vacation! 🙂   While dining in a restaurant inside Camp […]