A Christmas Gift for OFWs

I was in Dubai a few weeks ago and I met this young IT professional while riding a van from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. She was worried because her company closed down and now she has to look for another job before her visa expires. Just a few weeks prior to that, I was in […]

Three Things I Discovered about Happiness that Awed Me

How are you? What does happiness mean to you? When I was much younger, happiness to me means achieving my goals, getting what I want, being treated well, etc. As I grow, I realized what real happiness means. Lately, I’ve experienced three setbacks that made me appreciate what real happiness is. Setback #1: When I got home […]

The Philippines’ #1 Success Coach

John Calub, the Philippines' #1 Success Coach

I first attended his seminar called Attracting Wealth sometime in 2010. It was a whole day seminar held at SMX Convention Center with around 2,000 attendees! That was probably the biggest seminar I attended in terms of the number of attendees, or so I thought. A month after, I attended his Money Magnet seminar. This […]

Seminars Unlimited

A few years ago, I read a very good book that totally changed how I viewed money. This book made me realize that I was in such a financial mess. It made me hunger for financial literacy. After I read that book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I read so many other financial management books written […]