How’s your love life?

Happy Thursday! 🙂 It’s January 10. Technically, one-third of the month has passed. Whew! How are your goals so far? I just came from a 3-day workation (work plus vacation) in Tagaytay. I love going on workations to review my goals and to work on a specific project. Do you do that, too? It’s fun! Try it 🙂 […]

Do you want to travel more in 2019?

Happy Monday! 🙂 In just a few days, we’ll celebrate the birth of Christ. Let me greet you a Merry, Merry Christmas! 🙂 How would you like to travel to your dream destination for free? Let me share with you a little secret about how you can get round trip tickets for free! Last December 2017, I […]

Who among you wants to work from home?

  Hi! March here. I’m the brother of Sha. 🙂 . I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist certified by the International Institute of Digital Marketing and a Digital Marketing Trainer under the Department of Information and Communications Technology.     “Who among you wants to work from home?”   One time, while speaking to an event, out […]

Moment with the CEO

HSBC Philippines CEO Tony Cripps

The cafeteria was jampacked with employees from the different departments of the bank. Everyone was eager to witness the first run of our company’s so-called Career Express. It’s like a career fair within the company. In my estimate, there were about 100-150 attendees.   I was seated in the crowd when our big bosses –SVPs […]

Relax, and Great Things Will Happen!

My two-week vacation is about to end and I’m pretty happy with what transpired during my vacation.   I got the chance to go home to our province to recharge, play with my siblings, and bond with my Papa. It feels good to breath fresh air, to take time to smell the flowers, to really, […]

How to Make Your Dreams Come True (get this for F.R.E.E)

What are your dreams?   How would you feel if your dreams are unfolding before your very eyes?   Through the years, I’ve discovered that there’s a science to achieving our dreams faster.   As days went by, my dreams were unfolding before my very eyes. I thought about it. Was I just lucky? What […]

YOU are Important! :)

You are important.   When I was in college, I had a friend/dorm mate who was part of  a play in U.P. Diliman. She was very happy about it. Every night, she would arrive in the dorm late because they had to rehearse for the play. She even asked for a special pass from the […]