40,000 copies sold in one month!

Hi, I wrote a book. In 3 days, it became a bestseller! 10,000 copies sold in 3 days! 40,000 copies sold in one month! But the book was not mine. A big company asked me to write the book. Just a bit of a background. About 3 years ago, I attended a huge convention hosted […]

When is the perfect time to write a book?

Happy Monday!:) How are you? Hope you’re having a great start of the week so far. I remember In January 2019, I went to Chennai, India to give a talk for the Professional Speakers Summit in India. It was my first time to go to India and I was so happy to talk about “How to […]

Introducing… The Gratitude Walk

Hi, this is Sha Nacino! I’m here in the beautiful Canyon Woods in Tagaytay in the Philippines. And today I’d like to talk about a habit that will help you to become healthier. Not just physically but also emotionally and I call this the gratitude walk.   And this is how the gratitude walk works. […]

“The 5 Most Recommended Videos on Gratitude and Happiness”

Happy Monday, In my previous email, I shared how I saw my younger siblings ages 5 and 7 then, type my name on the Youtube search bar. They were checking out my youtube videos. My younger siblings love to watch cartoons so it either I’m also a cartoon character to them or they choose to […]

Be careful with what you post on social media

Happy Monday! 🙂 How was your weekend? Hope you had a beautiful one. About two years ago, when I went home to our province for a short vacation, I looked forward to bonding with my family. A part of me was also excited to watch TV shows since I don’t own a TV set in […]

Are you looking for love in the wrong places?

Happy Monday! Last weekend, I met someone. The moment I saw him, I fell in love with him. He had a beautiful smile and he looked charming even from afar. Then our eyes met. It was love at first sight. I felt the connection was instant and authentic. It was a magical moment. I smiled […]

Here’s What Success Requires

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hope you had a beautiful one. Last Saturday, I gave a talk on The Power of Giving to a group of financial advisors. Right after my talk, I proceeded to Saisaki to meet some of the new students of my online course The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge. They were the ones who enrolled […]

What is your word of the year?

​Happy Tuesday! 🙂    How are you? Last Saturday, I attended the quarterly closed-door mastermind meeting with Bro. Bo Sanchez and the TrulyRichClub mentors. He led the group to annual planning. Here’s something I learned from him, as echoed by my friend Maan.    Review your 2018 and list down the positive and negative things that happened to you. […]

2018 Year In Review: Gratitude List

How are you? One of the habits I do on New Year’s Eve is to review how my year went and write down the blessings God has given me. In other words, I write down my gratitude list. I did the same for 2017 which I shared here.   Gratitude. I love waking up in […]

How’s your love life?

Happy Thursday! 🙂 It’s January 10. Technically, one-third of the month has passed. Whew! How are your goals so far? I just came from a 3-day workation (work plus vacation) in Tagaytay. I love going on workations to review my goals and to work on a specific project. Do you do that, too? It’s fun! Try it 🙂 […]