Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a great start of the week so far. 🙂

Last Saturday, we had the first-ever Global Authors Summit: How to Write and Publish a Book at Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit, Makati. It was attended by over authors, aspiring authors and their families, and friends. Were you there?

My team at Write University has been organizing seminars since 2011. The #GlobalAuthorsSummit is the biggest and the grandest seminar we’ve produced so far for the following reasons:

Surprisingly, this was also the event where I felt most relaxed.

In the past, I was so hands-on with all the preparations for our events. I would oversee everything — registration, book table, the flow of the programme, everything that happens on stage, coordination with the speakers, and so on. That was good because now I am well versed on how to organize events, what makes a good event, and so on.

For the #GlobalAuthorsSummit, I did one thing differently. I learned to delegate more. In other words, I trusted and let go.

I am blessed to have a really reliable and competent team: Clarice, Roland, Eunice, and Kim. I saw their potential, their dedication, and their trustworthiness.

So I trusted roles to them and let go of the need to know all the details. In fact, I let them make certain decisions. I saw that that empowered and inspired them to be creative. Every now and then, we’d just have weekly meetings, then daily huddles to check in, and I’d also do some approvals. I fully trusted them to do their roles.

The result was amazing! They definitely exceeded my expectations! I felt I was watching a well-produced show. Kudos to Clarice, Roland, Eunice, and Kim 😉

Let me share with you some of the snapshots from the event.

Having a good time with my friends and their moms (Photo courtesy of Val)

The 22 new graduates of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge (photo courtesy of Jhet van Ruyven)

I’ll make a detailed post about Global Authors Summit and our sponsors and post it in my blog soon!

One of the most valuable lessons we need to learn in life is to Trust and Let Go.

Every time I write a book, prepare for a talk, organize a seminar, or launch a course, I put in all the hard work and the time needed. I do everything I can. Then I trust and let go. It means I let God take care of the results. I am fully detached on the outcome.

If it succeeds, I say, “Wow! Thank You, God! You’re so good!” and it fuels me. well and good.

If it fails, I’d say, “Thank You, God! You want to teach a lesson so I’ll come up higher. I’m excited.

It doesn’t matter much to me whether my venture succeeds or fails. I see success and failure as blessings. I see success as God’s way of cheering me up and failure as God’s way of growing me up.

Is there something you need to let go of? Maybe the need to control the situation? Maybe the need to control the outcome of an event? Maybe the need to be so concerned about how other people see you or treat you?

Is there someone or something you need to trust more? Maybe you need to trust yourself more. Maybe you need to trust your abilities more 🙂 

Little by little, learn to trust and let go. You are amazing! 🙂

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

Founder, Global Authors Summit

P.S. We’ve received emails from people who still want to join The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge that will start on November 26, 2018. We’ve heard you. Good news! You can still register until November 23, 2018. Just go to http://shanacino.com/write

Will I see you launch your book at the next Global Authors Summit 2019?

P.P.S. We’d like to thank all our sponsors: International Marketing Group (IMG), Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc., Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation, Ver1Rev Enterprise, Goldencrafts Enterprises, Bookman Printing Press, Inc, Globaltronics and Creativoices Productions for supporting our event.

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