How are you? Hope you had a restful and meaningful Holy Week. 🙂

At 12nn today, I did an FB LIVE and shared 3 powerful yet seemingly overlooked strategies on how to increase your productivity.

I’d like to share these strategies with you.

Strategy 1: Use a Planner

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but I was surprised to learn that not a lot of people use Planners. A planner will help you plan your year, your month, your week, and you day in advance.

Plan your day the night before. Before you go to sleep at night, check your planner and list down the things you need to do the next day.

Strategy 2: Batch your activities together.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, batch your activities per day. For example, allot a particular day for meetings. This will help you build your momentum.

Here’s how my schedule looks like:

Monday – rest and relaxation day

Tuesday – record podcast and videos

Wednesdaymeetings and OPA or Other People’s Agenda

Thursday – online courses and online marketing strategies

Fri & Sat – speaking engagements, seminars, talks, etc.

Sun – Family, Faith, Fun, Friends

This is my guide but I can also be flexible.

Another tip is to check your email or FB on a specific time, say 11am-12nn.

Strategy 3: Use the Pomodoro Technique

This technique disciplines you to mono task and focus on a single task, instead of multi-task. 

Here’s how it works. Set your phone on timer, , say 15 minutes.

For the next 15 minutes, you focus on one single task you need to do at that particular moment — whether it’s writing an article, or reading a book, or working on a project. Resist the temptation to open Facebook or read a text message or read an email.

When 15 minutes is up, you set the timer for 5 minutes. During the next 5 minutes, you can do anything as a break or refresher. You can check FB or text someone and so on.

After that, set another 15 minutes. And so on and so forth.

Use these 3 strategies and I guarantee you, you will definitely increase your productivity.

I’m doing the FB LIVE every Tuesday at 12nn-12:20 PM as long as I’m in town. Join me next Tuesday! 🙂

You can also suggest a topic you’d like me to tackle. Just hit REPLY 🙂

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

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